Tin IV Nitrate Formula

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tin iv nitrate formula

In the present invention, there is disclosed a method of obtaining tin salts. This method involves the direct reaction of tin oxide (IV) with nitric acid in a solution of ethyl cellosolve. The reaction is carried out in a bead mill with a glass bead as a grinding agent at room temperature. The use of 70% nitric acid as an oxidizing agent belongs to the category of special and its work requires appropriate skills and specialized hardware.

The process is characterized by practically quantitative conversion of tin-containing reagent into the target product and practically high selectivity of the selected product. The difference between the theoretical vykhod and the vydelenny yield of the target product with increasing load decreases to values below 1%.

The process consists of the following steps: preparation of tin oxide and nitric acid, loading of the reaction mixture into a bead-type reactor, squeezing out the organic phase from the filtrate, washing of beads and internal elements of the reactor, separating the reaction mixture from the bead mass, drying of the mass and re-loading of the resulting mass in a repeated cycle of squeezing out the organic phase, washing and re-loading. The obtained tin salts are used for various purposes. In this way, the invention provides a new and effective method of preparing tin salts without any complex additional purifications from the residual reagents and by-products. Fig. 1. Initial conditions and results of the process.

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