Tise Compound Name

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In chemistry, a tise compound name is the formal name for a chemical compound. The name is a combination of the cation and anion names. Usually, a tise compound has one metal ion (cation) and one or more non-metal ions (anion) to form a solid chemical substance known as a salt.

The tise compound name follows the same rules as the systematic names for simple molecular compounds. The more electropositive atom is written first, followed by the more electronegative element with an -ide suffix.

Tise compounds typically have a higher melting and boiling points than other types of chemical substances.

A tise compound name can also be specified for an ionic compound by using Roman numerals in parentheses after its name in writing, which is called the Stock system. For example, the formula CuCl2CuCl2 indicates a molecule in which one copper ion associates with two chloride ions to form a neutral compound.

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