Titanium Diboride Powder Properties And Applications

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The titanium diboride The powder can be gray or black and is hexagonal in AlB2 crystal structures. Titanium diboride has a high melting point at 2980 degrees Celsius and a very hard texture. In the atmosphere, titanium diboride has an anti-oxidation temperature that can exceed 1000.

Titanium Diboride Powder Properties

TiB2 is titaniumium diboride, which is the strongest compound made of both boron (or titanium). It’s a C32-structured compound and can be combined using valence bonding. It is a metallicloid compound in the hexagonal crystal structure. The complete crystal has two structural parameters. C is 0.3228nm and A is 0.3028nm.
The crystal structure is composed of the boron-atom and the titanium-atom planes. This creates a two dimensional network structure in which the B is covalently bond with all three Bs. An extra electron also forms a large, p bond. These graphite-like layers of boron and Ti atoms, and Ti’s outer layer electrons form a two-dimensional network structure that determines TiB2’s good conductivity and metallic shine. The Ti-B bond formed between the boron and titanium atomic surfaces is what determines this material’s hardness as well as its brittleness.

Titanium Diboride Powder Applications

It is used primarily to make composite ceramic products. Due to its resistance against molten metallic corrosion, titanium diboride can be used in manufacturing molten crucibles or electrolytic cell cells electrodes.

1. Conductive ceramic material. The main raw material for the vacuum-coated conductive evaporation vessel is titanium diboride.

2. Use ceramic cutters and molds. For example, titanium diboride is used in the manufacture of finishing tools.

3. Composite ceramic materials. Composite materials can include titanium diboride as an integral component. To make various parts that can withstand high temperatures, and also functional parts such as engine parts or high-temperature crucibles (high temperature crucibles), titanium diboride can be mixed with TiC. You can use it to protect your armor. This is one of our favorite materials.

4. The cathode material for the aluminum electrolytic cells. Because of its high wettability, TiB2 can be used as the cathode material for aluminum electrolytic cells.

5. PTC heating ceramic materials as well as flexible PTC materials are possible with titanium diboride. It is safe, reliable, energy-saving, easy to process and mold. The product can be used to heat various types of electric materials.

6. A good strength agent for Al and Fe as well as Cu metals is titanium diboride.

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