Tungsten Tube

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Tungsten is a super dense metal. It is used in counter-balances for fishing rods, military applications like rocket weapons and ammunition, and x-ray equipment for medical treatment and detection. Its high melting point allows it to be made into long tubes that are easy to thread and stay put without tangles. It also has the highest tensile strength of all metals and its density makes it more cost effective than other alternatives.

tungsten tube

TUNGSTEN ALLOYS INC is an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of standard and custom beryllium copper, brass, bronze, Hastelloy, and tungsten alloy tubing, fittings, rings and sheaths. We serve aerospace, automotive, chemical, petrochemical, construction, defense, food and beverage processing, marine, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical industries.

The tungsten tubing we produce is made by blending tungsten with lower-melting-point binder metal during liquid phase sintering. This results in a powder compact that can be readily swaged to form the required tubular part. The swaged material can be drilled, machined, ground and annealed as required. This system is an innovative method for fabricating long, tubular Tungsten Heavy Alloy (THA) parts using powder compact sintering technology.

Tungsten has a much higher compressive strength than steel and does not change with variations in temperature. This makes it an ideal material for high-density applications where a combination of low weight and high tensile strength are required. It also performs well in radial applications where the compressive load is applied perpendicular to the longitudinal axis.

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