Ultrasonic Technology Can Reduce The Cost of Magnesium Diboride Superconductors

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Magnesium diboride (MgB2) This ionic compound has a hexagonal crystal form. It’s an intercalation compound that has layers of magnesium or boron.
Research has shown that magnesium Boride converts to superconductor in temperatures close to 40K (ie, -233degC). This superconductor’s transition temperature is twice that of others of the same kind, while its real working temperature is around 20-30K.

Many practical uses of superconductivity are already available, like medical imaging or magnetic levitation trains. Superconductors can be applied to technical fields in many other areas. However, to make them more efficient, they must also be easier to manufacture and less expensive.

Researchers have been interested in magnesium diboride (MgB2) since it was discovered. It is a superconductor that has multiple benefits. This material is lightweight and can be easily made from many pre-materials. It greatly lowers the cost of magnesium boride.

The critical current density of superconductors (Jc) is a crucial property. But, it’s very hard to raise MgB2’s Jc in an economically more cost-effective manner.

Researchers at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan (SIT), have recently published an article in “Materials Science and Engineering : B”. (Materials Science and Engineering : B). This paper describes a new technology using ultrasonic treatment in order to increase the mass. MgB2 Jc.

You can dissolve commercially available boron in water and then use ultrasonic wave to fully disperse it. When the hexane in hexane evaporates, it can be extracted very fine powder, which can then dissolved with magnesium to create magnesium boride.

Researchers produce high-quality bulk magnesboride. Most of these do not have oxidizing elements. Based on the time of sonication, the Jc values increased by 20 percent compared to the reference sample.
The results of energy dispersive and scanning electron microscopy spectroscopy also revealed another mechanism which may allow for enhancement of Jc. It was discovered that the porous boron-deficient walls were covered by a layer structure, and this appeared to be a magnesium/boron oxide coating.

Researchers stated that this would reduce technical complexity and the cost of superconductors and make it more accessible to the general population, especially those in the medical area, for them to be used.

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