What are the advantages of gallium nitride chargers?

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Today, smartphones have become an essential tool in people’s lives for communication and everyday necessities. The “Bowhead”, a common symptom of “battery anxiety disorder”, can be found almost everywhere. People will feel nervous or anxious if their phone runs out of battery. The mobile phone can still be used if it is connected to the charge. We use chargers almost every day. However, we don’t think that many people understand how chargers can be used better. Galium nitride is also very common. What exactly is gallium-nitride technology?
1. What is gallium-nitride?
Gallium nitride, an innovative charging technology that has been slowly making its way into the mainstream of consumer electronics, is a key element to this year’s success. The perfect charging solution of the future is its emergence. This sounds great, but what’s GaN?
New semiconductor material gallium nitride has characteristics such as large bandgaps, high thermal conductivity and resistance to radiation. The material was first used widely in rail transit, new energy vehicles, new-generation mobile communications, and semiconductor lighting. It has been called the third generation semiconductor material. Gallium nitride, thanks to its cost-control and technological innovation, is now widely used in consumer electronics. One example is the charger. The bandgap of gallium-nitride is larger than the silicon. This means it can withstand greater voltage and more conductivity. A charger that uses gallium-nitride technology will produce a greater output efficiency than other chargers with the same volume. A charging head with gallium nitride technology can deliver more power at a volume similar to the Apple 5W Charger.
The birth of gallium Nitride, a new member, of the semiconductor material family, was like thunder. With its unique characteristics, the technological revolution rapidly penetrated markets like 5g and RF.
2. Which are the benefits of the GaN chargers?
Low volume
Gallium Nitride is a new type of semiconductor that replaces silicon and germanium. Traditional chargers range from 5v1a (5W), up to 65W. They are larger in size and have higher powers. While the charger has a volume that is within acceptable limits, the long-term results can be contradictory in terms of power and volume. The charger can heat up due to fast charging. While the switching frequency of the switch made with gallium Nitride is significantly improved, it is still very low in terms of loss. High switching frequencies can lower the volume and volume of transformers and capacitors, therefore the volume for GaN charging heads is smaller than general chargers.
High power
GaN has a bandgap that is greater than that of silicon. This means it is able to conduct more voltage over time. A large bandgap can also mean that the current moves through GaN faster than it does through silicon. This will lower the power consumption for electronic devices by 10 to 25%. The GaN chip not only helps to save electricity, but it also charges faster.
Hot environments are easier to adapt to
GaN’s bandgap is larger than that of the other two generation semiconductors. Also, it has higher thermal conductivity. GaN can operate at high temperatures over 200°C, can be more energy dense, have high reliability and minimizes the risk of overcharging.
3. Is the charging technology that was used in old times still relevant?
Because gallium-nitride technology works so well, why is it still being used for charging? It is because the production process for silicon components is very well established. This makes them relatively affordable compared to single components. The early stages of commercialization of gallium nitride are still quite difficult. This makes it more expensive than silicon.
Additionally, GaN charging heads are not as intuitive to use. It still has a lot to improve. Chargers made from gallium nitride are typically at least 30% less expensive than other chargers.
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