What are the applications of microsilica powder?

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A crystalline silicon nano-crystalline particle is a tiny amount of silicon that has a diameter less than five nanometers (5 billion (1G), of meter). A nano silica powder is high in purity and has small particles. It also exhibits uniform distribution. This product is tasteless and non-toxic due to its high surface area, low surface activity, and low loose densities. This new photoelectric semiconductor material is nanosilicon powder. It has a large gap energy semiconductor as well as being a high-power source of light.

1. Silica powder concrete is used in industry

A concrete mixture with micro-silica powder is strong, can be molded thicker, and has good adhesion. The concrete mixed with microsilica powder has the ability to improve its resistance against water loss and corrosion. This is especially true for hydropower projects, such as offshore oil drilling platforms and long span bridges. The use of micro-silica powder in road construction can significantly improve concrete’s strength and wear resistance.

2. Mixing material for cement: Silicon powder

Some countries use micro silica as an additive in cement production. The micro silica content can significantly increase the strength of cement. While micro silica can improve cement’s compressibility and secant elastic modus as well increase its resistance to corrosion and creep, water absorption rates and cement quality will both decrease. When mixing micro silica into cement, it is important to consider the potential problems with water absorption, as well as volume quality,

3. Use in the refractory sector

Silica powder is widely used within the refractory industry. This dust is used mainly to produce high-temperature ceramics. This microsilicon powder improves the strength, fluidity and volume of the refractory.

4. Metalurgical Pellets

North American businesses also combine silica and microsilica powder in order to produce pelletizing ore. This is done so that electric furnace reduction can be achieved. However, the silicon recovery rate remains normal while the energy consumed per unit of product stays the same.

You can make micro silica dust by using high-temperature alkali solutions or high-temperature calcium calcination. High value-added silica aerogel can be produced with either micro silica or sodium silicate. The characteristics of silica aerogel prepared from microsilica powder as a silicon source include high porosity. Low strength. Good heat insulation. This is why it will be widely utilized in construction, medicine, aerospace, and many other industries.

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