What is In625 Powder?

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How do you define it?

In625 Silk

Nconel625, an alloy grade of aluminum with 8.4 grams per cubic meter and a melting point between 1290-1350 degC is it. It is highly resistant to organic acid corrosion.

Here are some of the key features

In625 Powder

A 625 cubic lattice structure has a face-centered cube. When kept at about 650degC for a long enough time,carbon particles and unstable quaternary phases will precipitate and transform into stable Ni3(Nb,Ti)orthorhombic lattice phase. Solid solution strengthening will allow the molybdenum or niobium elements in the nickelchromium matrix to improve its mechanical properties but reduce the material’s plasticity.

Application of

In625 Powder

Low-carbon alloy 625 can be softened and annealed. It is also resistant to high mechanical stresses.

Here are the most common areas of application:

1.Chemides found in components of organic chemical reactions, particularly when they are combined with acid chloride catalysts

1. Used for the manufacturing of pulp and paper digesters and bleaching tank in the pulp and papers industry

3.Absorption tower,reheater,flue gas inlet baffle,fan(wet),stirrer,baffle and flue in the flue gas desulfurization system

4.For the manufacture of equipment and components for use in acid gas environments

5. Acetic anhydride and acidic anhydride reactions generator.

Inconel Alloy In625 Powder Properties

Other Titles
INCO 625


Compound Formula
Ni Cr Fe Nb

Molecular Weight

Metallic Powder

Melting Point
1290-1350 degC

Solubility In Water



– Particle Size
15-45mm, 15-53mm, 53-120mm, 53-150mm

Boling Point

Specific Heat

Thermo Conductivity
9.8 W/m*degC (21 degC)

Thermal Expansion

Young’s Module

Exact Weight


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