What is Mn2O3 Powder?

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How do you define it?

Mn2O3 Pulver

Manganese oxide trioxide, a compound with the chemical formula Mn2O3, and a molecularweight of 157.88 is an oxide. Black cubic crystals. The relative density is 4.50 Water, acetic and ammonium-chloride solutions are insoluble. It can be soluble in some inorganic acid. Cold hydrochloric acids can be used to dissolve it to make a brown solution. Hot dilute sulfuric or concentrated sulfuric acids will produce a red solution. MnO2 is formed from manganese oxide and MnNitrate when hot nitric, and Mn3O4 is released as O2. You can find it in two forms: gMn2O3 (a) and gMn2O3 (g). The a-type of it is prepared by decomposing the nitrate or carbonate, chloride or hydride, and divalent manganese in argon by heating to 600800. For the g-type, heat MnO2 in vacuum at 500 for 48 hours. Or, you can dehydrate by g–MnO (OH). You can use it in printing, dyeing, and oxidation processes of organic compounds and carbon monoxide.

These are some of the properties of Mn2O3 Pulver

Manganese Trioxide is a dark cubic crystal. It’s insoluble and insoluble with water, acetic acids, ammonium chloride solution, and other organic acids. When heated to 1080, it becomes Mn3O4 (and O2) It is dissolvable in cold hydrochloric to a brown solution. In Chemicalbook hot dilute sulfuric or concentrated sulfuric acids, it becomes a solution in a red color. When heated, O2 is released. You can find it in two forms: a–Mn2O3 (g-Mn2O3) and g–Mn2O3.

Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 Powder Properties

Other Titles
Manganese oxide, Manganese(3+) oxide, Manganese sesquioxide,

Dimanganese trioxide, Keto-(ketomanganiooxy)manganese,

Manganese(3+) oxide, Manganese trioxide,

Oxo-(oxomanganiooxy) manganese


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

Black Solid

Melting Point
940 degC (1724 degF)

Solubility In Water

4.5 g/cm3


Particle Size

Boling Point

Specific Heat

Thermo Conductivity

Thermal Expansion

Young’s Module



Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 CAS 1317-34-6

How to prepare Mn2O3 Pulver

1. A-Mn2O3a can be prepared by further reduction, oxidation, or heat treatment of divalent manganese salts at 600 to 800 degrees Celsius. To heat manganese oxide hexahydrate, or pure b–MnO2, to an identical weight in air at 650 degrees Celsius is the best way. Manganese nitrate-hexahydrate is used as the raw material. It must be heated to 190°C before it can become a solid substance. Once this has been done, it can then be pulverized at 650°C.

2. Preparation for g-Mn2O3 In 350mL, 2.2g manganese sulfurate tetrahydrate were dissolved. After vigorous stirring, 34mL 3% hydrogenperoxide solution was added dropwise. 50mL 0.2mol*dm-3 wasmonia water was then added to make g-MnO (OH). To make the suspension emitting oxygen darken or black, heat for four minutes. Then filter the solution and rinse it under 1.5L of hot water. Dry the mixture in a vacuum extractor. For gMn2O3, the g-MnO (OH) was dried at 250°C for 3 days. You may also make gMnO2 by heating the gMnO2 at 500 degrees Celsius for 78h, under less pressure.

Use Mn2O3 Pulver

1. The wide variety of applications for Mn2O3 are numerous. It can be used in printing or dyeing fabrics.

2. It has the ability to catalyze organic oxidation reactions and organic pollutant oxidation.

3. You can use it as a precursor to soft magnetic material.

4. Used as a raw ingredient in the production of lithium-ion battery electrode materials.

5. It’s the main raw material for manganese compound and an intermediate product.

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