what is Molybdenum Lubricant ?

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What is Molybdenum Liquid?

Molybdenum, a mineral of natural origin that has been used since centuries to improve lubricity on mechanical parts. The mineral adheres to the metal surface and acts as an anti-wear coating. The additive is useless if the mineral is not soluble with oil. You will also need a suitable lubricant so that it doesn’t clog up oil passages or filter.

Moly grease has been used on almost all parts of heavy-duty vehicles. As an example, manufacturers specify that the grease must contain no more than 5% molybdenum to prevent internal gearing. However, using moly grease in slack adjustment equipment can have a negative impact on the equipment’s performance.

Molybdenum lubricant provides low friction with high pressure absorption. It is also anti-corrosion, and provides protection from stick-slip. It is used for press-fitting all types of machine parts. Moly grease prevents gear pitting. It is recommended to lubricate metal-tometal contacts. You can use it to lubricate roller bearings and threaded shafts.

Molybdenum diulfideis used as a lubricant. The compound is made of molybdenum, sulfur and oxygen atoms. Its sulfur atoms bind to metal surfaces. As a consequence, the asperities do not come into contact with the metal surfaces. MoS2, with particle sizes between 1 and 100 um, is another Molybdenum Lubricant. It has very low sliding friction, between 0.1 and 0.1 s.

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