What is Molybdenum Silicide MoSi2 Powder?

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Introduction to Molybdenum Silicide MoSi2 Pulp

Molybdenum silicide

In 1906, it was discovered. In different circumstances, molybdenum, silicon, and molybdenum may form molybdenum trisilicides (Mo3Si), Molybdenum pentasilicates (Mo5Si3) and molybdenum dilicates (MoSi2). Molybdenum trisilicide (MoSi2) – a Dalton type intermetallic compound – is the most important. A crystal combination of atomic elements in the structure illustrates coexistence between metal and covalent bonds. It also has outstanding high-temperature essential qualities.

Molybdenum Disilicide

It is an organic compound. The chemical formula for MoSi2 is gray metal solid. Although insoluble in many acids, it is soluble in hydrofluoric acid and nitric. Both types of atoms are similar in their radii as well as electronegativity. This is comparable to that found in metal and ceramic.

Molybdenum Disilicide

The surface is electrically conductive and, at high temperatures, forms a silicon dioxide passivation layer to protect it from further oxidation.

This material can be used as an integrated electrode film, high-temperature oxide-resistant coating, electrical heating elements, structural materials and composite reinforcement.

Molybdenum Siicide MoSi2 MoPowder’s Physicochemical Characteristics

MoSi2 refers to a form of intermediate phase that contains the highest amount of silicon in the Mo-Si binary alloy system. This is a Dalton type intermetallic compound having a fixed structure. The material is high-temperature and has great performance. It has both the characteristics of ceramic and metal. High-temperature oxidation resistance and resistance to temperature up 1600; SiC equivalent. Moderate density (6.24%g/cm3). Low thermal expansion coefficient (8.10-6K-1). Good electric conductivity. Higher brittleness and ductility transition temperature (1000) than ceramics. This soft plastic is metallic-like. MoSi2 is used primarily as an integrated circuit, heating element, high temperature oxidation resistant coating and high-temperature structure material.

MoSi2 consists of silicon and molybdenum bonded with metal bonds. While silicon and silicon are both bonded using covalent bonds, silicon and molybdenum are bonded through covalent bonds. Molybdenum is a grey tetragonal disilicide. Although insoluble in all mineral acids (including aqua-roya), it is soluble and can be used to heat an oxidation atmosphere at high temperatures (1700).

An oxidizing environment causes a protective coating to form on dense quartz glass (SiO2) that has been heated at high temperatures. This protects against oxidation. SiO2 protective layer is created when the temperature at which the heating element heats is above 1700. The SiO2 protective coating is thickened at 1710 melting point and fused to SiO2 in molten droplets. Due to its surface-extending ability, the protective film loses its protective power. The protective film is formed again when the element is continuously exposed to the oxidant. Due to the high oxidation rate at low temperatures, this element can’t be used long at 400-700.

Molybdenum Silicide MoSi2 Powder Properties
Additional Names molybdenum powder, MoSi2 disilicide
No. 12136-78-6
Formula compound MoSi2
Molecular Weight 152.11
Appearance From gray powder to black powder
Melting Point 1900-2050 degC
Boiling Point N/A
Density 6.23-6.31g/cm3
Solubility in water N/A
Get the exact Mass 153.859261
Molybdenum Siliconicide MoSi2 MoSi2 powder CAS 12136-78-6

Molybdenum Siicide MoSi2 Powder Applications

MoSi2 is a common material in heating elements.

Molybdenum heat elements with disilicide molybdenum

Can be used up to 1800°C in electric furnaces for production in electronics and glass. Although they are fragile, these parts can work at high power without ageing and their resistance does not change with time.

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molybdenum silicide, MoSi2 Powder

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