What is Nano Silicon Powder?

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Introduction to Nano Silicon Powder Silica Si Powder is a dark grey, super-fine silica powder. Its color can vary in tone depending on the amount of carbon that it has. Silica powder’s whiteness is 40 to 50. It has an average bulk density of 200kg/m3 and a true density of 2.2g/cm3. Nano silicon powder This refers to silicon crystal particles with a diameter less than 5 Nanometers (5 billionths of meters).

Nano Silicon Powder has Physicochemical Property
Nano silicon powder This product has characteristics such as high purity and small particle sizes, uniform distribution, large specific area, high activity, and low loose densities. It is safe, non-toxic, flavorless and shows good activity. Nano silicon powder A new generation of photoelectric materials has a greater gap energy and is also a high power light source material.
Nano Silicon Powder Properties
Additional Names Silicon Nanoparticles, Silicon Nanopowder, nanosilicon,
CAS No. 7440-21-3
Formula compound Si
Molecular Weight 28.08
Appearance Yellow Brown Powder
Melting Point 2900 degC
Boiling Point N/A
Density 2330g/cm3
Solubility in water N/A
Get the exact Mass N/A

Silicon Nanoparticles Nano Si Powder CAS 7440-21-3

Nano Silicon Powder preparation
Three methods of preparation are possible nano silicon powder Mechanical ball milling, chemical and vapor deposition, as well as plasma evaporation, condensation. In western countries, the industrial production of high purity nanosilicon powder began earlier. There are specialized companies that produce silicon powder, including Chemicalbook of Japan, DuPont of USA, H.C.Stark of Germany and Tekner of Canada. The company can use plasma evaporation, condensation and other methods to create a range of high-purity nano silicon powder with different sizes. It is the most advanced production technology in the world.

Nano Silicon Powder: Applications
You can use it to create nanosilicon wire for rechargeable lithium batteries nano silicon-carbon aode material or in nano spherical Silicon powder surface coated on graphite that’s used as a rechargeable lithium-carbon ode material. The rechargeable lithium battery can be improved by more than three times its electric capacity, charge and discharge cycles times and can even last for up to three times.
2. It is suitable for high temperature resistant coatings and refractory substances. It reacts with organic matter and is used as the raw material for organic silicon polymer products.
3. The coating can also be used for the formation of nano silicon particles film. This is widely used in the solar energy industry.
4. Mixing nano-spherical diamond powder with silicon under high pressure creates composite materials called nano-sic-diamond. This can be used for cutting to increase strength and durability.
5. The theoretical specificity of nanosilicon powder as a lithium-ion anode for carbon-based batteries is 4200mAh/g. This is significantly higher than the value of carbon material.
6. The silicon nanoparticle substrate was used to design more than ten types of silicon oxide/silicon nanostructures. This enabled photoluminescence for major band bands, including near-ultraviolet, near-infrared, low-threshold voltage electroluminescence. It also provided a platform for forward and reverse bias, as well as proposed photoluminescence model and photoluminescence models.

Nano Silicon Powder Supplier
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