What is silicon monoxide?

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What’s silicon monoxide?


Silicon monoxide

This inorganic compound has the chemical formula SiO. The powder is black-brownish to yellowish under normal temperatures and pressure. It has a melting and boiling points of 1702 and 1880 respectively, as well as a density of 2.13g/cm3. It is very insoluble in water. However, it can be dissolved in mixed acids of dilute fluoric acid or nitric acid. The result is silicon tetrafluoride which produces white silica powder when heated. The stability of silicon monoxide makes it unstable. It will react with oxygen to form silicon dioxide. Silicon monoxide vapor slowly condenses and will become disproportionate (see disproportionation reactions) into silicon or silicon dioxide.

Silicon monoxide preparation

1. You can make silicon monoxide by cooling quickly after silica reacts at high temperatures with elemental silicon

SiO2 + 2SiO

2. Make a mixture of silicon dioxide powder (99.5% SiO2 content) and coke tar pitch powder. Heat the mixture under low pressure. Reduce reaction SiO2 vapor is initiated into argon and then condensed to make silicon monoxide.


Silicium monoxide properties and stability

Silicon monoxide

This substance is very unstable, as it will oxidize to silicon dioxide in air. It can also be stable only at temperatures higher than 1200degC.

Keep it away from heat and open flames. It is not soluble when water is used. Excellent insulator for electricity and heat. The silicon dioxide film is formed when it reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere. It reacts with water and burns up oxygen to create hydrogen. Hydrogen gas can be generated in warm alkaline solutions. The silicate solution is then formed and dissolved.

Silicon monoxide use

Due to its high activity silicon monoxide powder can be used in fine ceramic synthesis such as silicon carbide and silicon nitride fine ceramic powder raw materials. This is useful in the manufacture of semiconductor materials.

It can be evaporated in vacuum. Then, coat the protective film on the mirror of your optical instrument’s metal surface. Preparation for semiconductor materials.

Use caution when using silicon monoxide

If you come in contact with your eyes, immediately rinse with plenty of warm water. Then send it to the doctor.

Use protective clothing.

Eyes, eyes and respiratory tract irritation.

This is often slightly toxic to water. You should not allow undiluted, large quantities of product to waterways or groundwater.

It is stable at normal temperatures and pressure.

At room temperature, keep it sealed and dark.


Avoid skin contact. Take out contaminated clothing. Wash your skin with soapy water. Seek medical attention if you feel unwell.

Eye contact: Disconnect the eyelids, then rinse off with warm water or normal soap. Seek medical attention immediately.

Consumption: Wash your mouth thoroughly and stop vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately.

Protect rescuers by moving the patient safely to another location. Seek medical advice. The doctor should be provided with the chemical safety data sheets.


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