What is Silver Wool?

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silver wool is a natural, insulating and fire retardant material. It is used in a variety of industries, including textiles, manufacturing and insulation, as well as in the arts and crafts. The natural fiber is a great choice for felting and needle-felting, as it can easily be cut, shaped and molded to create a wide range of items. Felting is a process of pressing wet and dry wool together to form a hard, dense fabric, a technique that has been in use for centuries. Historically, wool has been used as clothing, blankets, horse rugs and saddle cloths, and as the stuffing in pillows and furniture cushions. It has also been used to absorb odors, protect piano hammers and reduce noise in stereo speakers. In Roman times, Pliny the Elder writes that the best wool came from Tarentum, and that the finer grades were prized by wealthy citizens.

Silverlight socks have an inner layer made with merino wool from New Zealand – it’s super soft, and the lanolin (sweat) will pull moisture away from the foot and bring it to the surface of the sock, drying faster than competitor hiking socks and keeping feet blister free. The outer nylon layer provides compression, which helps keep the sock in place on your foot while walking and prevents slippage and bunching.

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