What is Spherical Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 Powder?

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Introduction toSpherical Al Oxide Powder
Aluminum oxide Oder bauxite Al2O3 is a white, refractory powder. The melting point for this powder is 2015. Its boiling point is 2980. Its relative density of 4.0 is also a factor. Mohs Hardness is 8.8. You can find it in a variety of crystal types. Heating and drying aluminum hydroxide can produce aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is found in nature. This aluminum oxide can then be combined with small amounts of impurities to create corundum. Gems include ruby, which contains a little Cr3+, and sapphire, which contain Ti3+, Fe2+, and Fe3+. Now, molten aluminum dioxide artificial crystallization methods are available for making gems. They are used extensively in industrial technology and can not be compared to natural gemstones. Bearings are for fast moving parts, like diamonds on watches or clocks. Abrasives can also be used, along with refractories such as corundumcrucible. Their ability to resist temperatures above 1800 is impressive. The crust of the Earth is made up of aluminum oxide. The main ingredient for the smelting of aluminum is pure aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is easily oxidized with air. Aluminum products are then placed in the atmosphere to form aluminum oxide protective films. These protect aluminum within from oxidation. Aluminum oxide, which is amphoteric in nature, can dissolve in either acid or base. Aluminium products cannot withstand acid or alkali. Contact with alkali or acid will cause the oxide film to dissolve. Activated aluminiu oxide is porous and can adsorb many substances. This makes it a popular choice for catalysts, desiccants, and adsorbents.

Physical Properties of Spherical Al Oxide Powder
The particle size aluminum oxide Powder is evenly distributed and has good dispersion. The powder has an extremely large specific surface, is resistant to heat and low activity. It’s Porous. It exhibits high hardness and good dimensional stability. It’s used widely as a catalyst and catalyst carrier, and for other new green chemical material. You can use it to make plastic, rubber, ceramics and other materials stronger and more durable. Insolvent water. Excellent disperssion. Solvent alcohol, propyl alcohol and propylene glycol. Isopropyl alcohol. Ethylene glycol monobutylether. Acetone.
The particle size of aluminum oxide powder has to be changed in order for it to become the nanometer level This material can maintain all the good characteristics of regular aluminum oxide, while also showing the mechanical, optical, electromagnetic, thermal and magnetic properties that traditional materials don’t have. The nano aluminum oxide can be used as a novel functional material in many different fields, including optics, special ceramics, and the chemical industry.
Properties of Spherical Aluminum Oxide powder
Additional Names aluminum oxide, aluminum (III) oxide, aluminum trioxide, Al2O3 powder
No. 1344-28-1
Formula compound Al2O3
Molecular Weight 101.96
Appearance white powder
Melting Point 2072degC
Boiling Point 2977 degC
Density 3.95g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Get the exact Mass 101.948
Spherical Al2O3 Powder, CAS 1344-28-1

Spherical Aluminum Powder Applications
1. It is mostly used in the production of aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is used primarily to make aluminum.
2. Aluminum oxide is the primary raw material for the electrolytic method to metal aluminum. The purer aluminum smelting process, however, will result in a higher purity. Aluminum oxide can be purified more easily than aluminum oxide. Aluminium oxide is one main component of the earth’s crust. Aluminum mainly includes Al2O3*2H2O (Alingite)2SO4*9H2O as well aluminum clay H2Al (SiO4)*H2O), and many other elements. Aluminum oxide can be made from natural bauxite, which is an excellent raw material. The general contents of the metal are between 40 and 60 percent. Iron oxide, silicon dioxide and other impurities make up the remainder. You can separate the aluminum oxide and impurities by using their chemical properties. Purification methods include acid method or alkali. Active aluminum oxide (g aluminum oxide) is porous. Each gram can contain hundreds of metres of surface. This material can also absorb water vapor and other gases.
3. Aluminum oxide is the main ingredient in artificial aluminum oxide fiber. The aluminum oxide contains approximately 5% silicon dioxide to stabilize the crystal phase. Polycrystalline aluminum oxide is the type of aluminum oxide fiber. The colloid or impregnation methods of organic fibre (precursor mode of organic fibrim) are used to make it. It has a microcrystalline structure which prevents recrystallization in melt-blown and melt-blown organic fiber. The fiber is extremely strong and resistant to high temperature as well as high-temperature, low bulk density, excellent chemical stability and dielectric performance.

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