What is Titanium Carbide?

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How do you define it? Titanium Carbide ? TiC has the chemical formula, while its molecular mass is 59.89. Gray metallic, cubic lattice solid. The melting point, boiling point, and relative density are 3140+-90 and 4820 respectively. A hardness greater than 9 is possible. Water is insoluble, but it can be broken down by nitric acid or aqua regia. It can react with pure oxygen at 1150degC and is therefore stable in air below 800 degC. Produced method: This mixture of titanium and carbon is made by reacting TiO2 with hydrogen at high temperature. Or TiO2 can be mixed with carbon and press it into a block. After heating to 2300-2700 degrees C using an electric furnace, the carbonize in H2 or CO atmosphere. It is also useful as an electrode and abrasive in arc lamps.
Titanium Carbide: The Characteristics
It’s stable at low temperatures (less than 800°C) and can slowly be oxidized by 800°C. Powdered TiC can then be burned in O2 at 600°C for TiO2 and carbon dioxide. If it is heated above 2000°C, it will be eroded. It can also react with O2 at 1150°C to create TiO2 [3] and CO. If heated it can interact easily with nitrogen, oxygen, and halogen. Molten alkali reacts and slowly decomposes when heated to 1500°C in H2Chemicalbookgas. Mixes titanium carbonitride with N2 gas at above 1200degC. Although it does not interact with water and can still react with water to create TiO2, H2 or CO at 700°C. This does not interact or react with carbon, but can react at 1200 degrees Celsius with CO2 to create TiO2 (and CO)
Titanium Carbide Properties
Other Titles titanium(IV) carbide, TiC powder
Compound Formula TiC
Molecular Weight 40.1
Appearance Black Powder
Melting Point 3160 degC
Boiling Point 4820 degC
Density 4.93 g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Exact 59.947946
Titanium Carbide TIC Powder CAS 1212070-08-5
Titanium Carbide: What are its uses?
1. This is useful in making cutting tools, wear-resistant coats, mold production, and metal crucibles to smelt metal, among many other areas.
2. Raw materials to produce ceramics in powder metallurgy, including wire drawing films and cemented caride molds. Multiphase ceramics may be used to make hard knives and military armor materials.
3. You can use it as a coating material to make diamond coatings or anti-tritium fusion coatings in reactors. It also makes excavator pick and foam ceramics.
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