What is Zirconium Silicide ZrSi2 Powder?

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Introduction to Zirconium Silicide Zi2 powder Zirconium silicide ZrSi2, or steel gray rhombic gloss crystal with chemical formula ZrSi2, has a relative density of 4.8822. Zirconium Silicide is not soluble or soluble with water, inorganic acid and aqua regia. It can however be soluble in hydrofluoric.

Zirconium siicide ZrSi2 powder’s physicochemical characteristics
The zirconium silica intermetallic compound ZrSi2 (zirconium-silicon) is a ceramic material having high hardness, high melting temperature, high conductivity and heat conductivity. ZrSi2 is an intermetallic silicon zirconium-silicon compound with superior chemical and physical properties. It can also be used as high-temperature corrosion medium.
Zirconium Silicide ZrSi2 Pulp Properties
Additional Names zirconium(IV) silicide, zirconium disilicide, ZrSi2 powder
CAS No. 12039-90-6
Formula compound ZrSi2
Molecular Weight 147.4
Appearance gray black powder
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density 4.88g/cm3
Solubility in water Unsolvable
Get the exact Mass 145.858557
Zirconium Silicide ZrSi2 Puffer CAS 12039-9

Making Zirconium Silicide Zi2 powder
You can make zirconium silicide by heating a mix of silicon and zirconium powder under high temperature isolation.

The following steps can be used to make zirconium silicide Nanomaterial.
1. In a 20ml stainless-steel autoclave, add 5mmol of zirconia, 5mmol silica powder and 50mmol liquid lithium. Seal it. Place the heated autoclave inside an electric furnace with temperature control. The furnace should heat at 600°C. Once the reaction cools to room temperature the autoclave will be open to get rid of the product, which is black sediment.
2. Following washing of reaction products with distilled water and then with dilute hydrochloric and anhydrous alcohol washing each time after washing, 60 were placed in the oven for drying four hours to get zirconium Silicide nanomaterials. This is based upon the quality of the zirconium oxide used and on the prepared zirconium nanomaterial quality.

Zirconium Silicide Zi2 powder
To make semiconductor films or crucibles, ZrSi2 is a good ceramic raw material.

Zr Zirconium can be used in various applications
The production of white pigment impervious agents and surface glaze pigments for ceramics and tiles is one of the main uses of zircon. The common uses of zircon are in refractory, such as the fabrication of firebricks or shapes for the steel and the glass industries. Because of its high melting temperature (2200), zircalite can be used for casting sand and grinding “flour”, especially for warmer areas where the castings must maintain their quality. This is the area where zirconium has been used in increasing numbers. Also, zirconium can be used to produce zirconia and zirconium-based chemicals.

Hauptlieferant of Zirconium Silicide Zi2 powder
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