What is Zirconium Silicide?

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How do you define it? Zirconium Silicide ? Zirconium Silicide is an intermetallic zirconium-silicon compound. It’s a ceramic material that can be used at high temperatures with high hardness and melting points, as well as high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and high thermal shock resistance. The material has both structural and chemical characteristics. It can be used in high-temperature corrosive media.
Zirconium Silicide’s main attributes
Zirconium Silicide is an orthorhombic, steel-gray shiny crystal having a relative density of 4.8822. Zirconium Silicide is not soluble or soluble with water, mineral acid, and aqua regia. It can however be soluble in hydrofluoric acids.
Zirconium Silicide Properties
And Other Names zirconium(IV) silicide, zirconium disilicide, ZrSi2 powder
Compound Formula ZrSi2
Molecular Weight 147.4
Appearance Gray Black Powder
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density 4.88 g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Exact 145.858557
Zirconium Silicide Zi2 Powder CAS 120339-90-6
Zirconium Silicide applications
It is used as a fine ceramic raw material powder to make crucibles that are used in semiconductor thin-film production.
Zirconium Siliciede is produced
This is a method to prepare zirconium-silicide nanomaterials.
(2) After washing the reaction product once with water, it was then rinsed with dilute hydrochloric acids and dehydratedethanol. Filtered product was dried at 60°C for 4 hours. Zirconium Silicide Nanometers are obtained based on the quality of prepared zirconium Silicide nanomaterials as well as the quality raw material zirconium dioxide.
The principal supplier Zirconium Silicide
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