Why nano silicon powder can be used as a semiconductor material

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What’s nano silicon powder? Nano silicon powder The smallest diameter of crystal silicon particles is 5 nanometers. This corresponds to one billionth of 1G meters. High purity, low particle size and uniform distribution of nanosilicon powder are some characteristics. This product is tasteless and non-toxic. This new type of optoelectronic materials, nano silicon powder, is made with high-power light source materials and wide gap energy semiconductors.

Use nano silica powder
Nano silicon powder is used to make nano silicon wire. Or graphite can be coated on top of the nano silicon powder, and is used as the catalyst material for rechargeable Lithium batteries. This increases the battery’s capacitance by over three-fold. Second, nano silicon powder is used in high-temperature-resistant coatings and refractory materials. Additionally, nanosilicon can be added to layers in order to make silicon nanofilms. This is a widely-used material in solar energy. Nano silicon and diamond powder are combined under pressure to form a silicone carbide diamond composite material. It can be used for cutting to replace graphite and nano carbon, greatly improving the performance of lithium-ion batteries.

The human body is exposed to the dangers of nano silica.
Silica fumes can do the greatest harm. Silicosis is caused by prolonged inhalation in large quantities of silica oxide (SiO2) dust. Silica dust gets into the lungs and inhales pulmonary macrophages. This releases active ingredients that can stimulate fibroblasts’ production of more collagen. Silica dust stimulates macrophages to produce lysosomal and cellular enzymes. It can also destroy SiO2’s protein-coated surface, expose cell membranes damaged, and release lysosomal inhibitors. Silica dust can cause lipid peroxidation as well as free radicals. It can damage macrophages and even kill them. It can also stimulate adjacent fibroblasts, allowing them to produce collagen. To produce more collagen fibers, silica dust is released by macrophages. As time goes on, silicosis develops.

Prices for nano silica powder
Because of the differences in their chemical and physical properties, prices for various nanosilica powders can vary. High purity nanosilica powders can improve strength and endurance of concrete and decrease the amount of alkali. They also reduce water consumption. In general, prices are higher for nano-silica powder of higher purity. On our website, you can see the current price for nano silica.

Boron nano silica powder
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