Why tungsten carbide powder is the main raw material for producing cemented carbide?

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What’s tungsten carbide powder, exactly?

Tungsten carbide powder (WC)

It is the primary raw material used to produce cemented carbide. Chemical formula WC. Its full title is. Tungsten carbonide powder is a black hexagonal crystal of metallic lustre with hardness that’s similar to diamond. It conducts electricity well. It has an melting point of 2870 and a boiling point of 6000. The relative density is 15.63 (18). Tungsten carbide can dissolve in water and hydrochloric or sulfuric acids, but is not easily soluble in nitric and hydrofluoric. Tungsten carbide by itself is quite fragile. If it has a little bit of cobalt, titanium and other metals added, this can help reduce its brittleness. In order to increase the strength of tungsten caride as a cutting tool in steel, it is sometimes added to titanium carbide and tantalum carbonide. Tungsten carbide has stable chemical properties. Tungsten carbide powder is a dark gray powder. It can be dissolved in many carbides, including titanium carbide to form TiC-WC solid melting.

Application of tungsten Carbide Powder

Composite materials can have nanometers of tungsten carbonide applied. The main ingredient for high-performance cemented caride and wear-resistant coating is Nanometer Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Composite Powder. A coating that is prepared using rapid melting and condensing thermal spraying technology preserves the nanostructure of the powder. It can also significantly improve the performance of the cemented carbide wear-resistant coat. China produces nano tungsten carbid cobalt composite products that can be used for cemented carbide.

Harm to the human body from tungsten caride powder

There are several dangers to tungsten dust, including peribronchitis or peribronchiolitis, atresia bronchitis, and atrophic embolism. Tungsten carbonide can trigger the proliferation of lymph tissues cells within the lung. This causes the tissue to become hardened. Homogenized blood vessels wall becomes thicker and more homogenized. People who have been exposed to tungsten caride dust while at work experience gastro-intestinal dysfunction, renal irritation, and inflammation of the upper airways.

The price for tungsten carbide powde

Prices of tungsten carbide powder will depend on their particle size and purity. The purchase volume may also have an effect on how much tungsten carbonide powder costs. Large quantities of small amounts will result in a lower price. On our website, you can see the current price for tungsten carbide powder.

Tungsten carbide powder supplier

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