Zinc Cut Wire Shot

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zinc cut wire shot is manufactured from quality zinc procured from reliable sources. This product is available in various shapes like as-cut (cylindrical) or fully conditioned to spheroids. It is used for blast cleaning and shot peening on Aluminum Castings, Aluminum components. It is also used for deburring and deflashing of non ferrous metal die castings and alloy parts in centrifugal wheel blast equipments. It is much softer than steel, stainless steel or cast products and therefore causes less damage and wear to internal blast equipment components like control cages, wheel liners and blast wheels.

Zinc is a soft metal with low hardness that makes it a good choice for blast cleaning & surface finishing applications where damage to product surfaces from hard steel abrasives is a concern. It produces significantly less dust during blasting and leaves a very thin film of zinc on the product after it is blasted. This zinc provides temporary galvanic protection against corrosion.

Cast zinc shot is a soft metallic abrasive for general blast cleaning, deburring and surface finishing of light metal castings and non ferrous components. It has a bulk density similar to steel and can deliver enough energy for effective deburring and flash removal without damaging part details. It can be used in air or centrifugal wheel blast equipments and reduces nozzle wear on high wear components. This product is available in a variety of sizes and in a conditioned form that lasts up to 3X longer than as-cut zinc.

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