Zinc Cut Wire Shot

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zinc cut wire shot is soft abrasives of very low hardness (Hv40) suitable for de-burring die castings and stripping paint, powder coatings without damaging substrates. Besides, it leaves a film of zinc on the work object that provides corrosion resistance.

This product is used for removing oxidation skin, burr, eliminating surface defect, removing stress, etching, unknit, strengthen, prevention rust before painting of metal die-casting, precision casting, hardware tool, machinery manufacturing, automobile spare parts, apparatus, pump valve industry. It is also used for general cleaning of light metal castings and other non ferrous products.

It is available in various sizes from 0.6 mm to 3.0 mm. The main advantage of this product is the high accuracy, faster and more efficient production.

ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot is manufactured to outlast other blast media and creates significantly less dust than either steel or aluminum abrasives. It also provides temporary galvanic protection by depositing a thin film of zinc up to 1.3 microns onto the cast parts. It will not damage soft-alloy cast parts and in most cases, parts need no other cleaning prior to a plating process.

The abrasive is also used for de-burring aluminum die castings by removing flash up to.020″.

zinc cut wire shot is very effective at removing paint and powder coatings from work objects, without damaging tooling or paint hooks. It removes the paint fast because it flattens on contact and leaves a very fine zinc film that protects the work object from future corrosion.

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