What is Magnesium Boride MgB2 Powder?

Introduction to Magnesium Boride Magnesium Boride Powder MgB2 Magnesium diboride Magnesium boride is also known as MgB2, a chemical formula that contains the formula MgB2. It’s an ionic compound having a hexagonal crystal structure. The intercalated compound is composed of alternating layers containing magnesium and boron. While the magnesium atomic… Continue reading

How Can Gold Nanoparticles Be Used to Kill Bacteria

One study found that gold nanoparticles can cause bacteria to burst their cell walls, which in turn causes them to leak material, and death. Each year, more than 25,000 people die from bacterial infections. These aren’t possible to treat with certain antibiotics. Drug resistance is increasing. Researchers seek other strategies… Continue reading