Metal Alloy 18g/cm3 High Density Tungsten Alloy Ball |

W-Ni – Cu alloy is used in the production of Tungsten alloy balls. It is widely utilized in the fields of aviation, oil drilling, and aerospace. High Density Tungsten Alloy Metal Ball, 18g/cm3: Diameter: 1.0mm-150.0mm Surface: sintered or forged Application: Electrical instrumentation and industrial purposes are also widely used. We… Continue reading

High Purity Selenium Se Powder CAS 7782-49-2, 99% |

Selenium powder, chemical formula Se, black gray non-metallic, soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid, chloroform, slightly soluble in carbon disulfide, toxic, insoluble in water and ethanol. Purity>99% Particle Size: 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh About Selenium powder Se powder: Selenium chemical formula is Se. Selenium metal powder is black gray… Continue reading

Metal Alloy High Density Moly Alloy Molybdenum Piercing Mandrels 50*100mm |

Molybdenum Piercing Mandrels 50*100mm, High Density molybdenum piercing mandrels, Moly Alloy piercing mandrels About High Density Molybdenum Alloy Metal Piercing Mandrels: Production process The molybdenum isostatic powder is pressed into the required shape, then sintered. Properties: High tensile resistance under high temperatures, good antioxygenic properties, anticorrosion Applications: The main application… Continue reading

High Purity Silicon Sulfide SiS2 Powder CAS 13759-10-9, 99.99% |

SiS2 is a molecular formula for silicon sulfide. The crystals of white fibrous orthorhombic and tetragonal crystals remain stable under normal pressure and temperature.Particle size: 100mesh Purity: 99.99% Product Name: Silicon Sulfide; silicon sulphide Silicon Sulfide chemical formula: SiS2 Silicon Sulfide molecular weight: 92.21 Silicon Sulfide density: 1.853 g/cm3 Silicon… Continue reading

High Purity Sodium Myristate CAS 822-12-8, 98% |

Sodium myristate is ultra fine white powder, it has excellent lubricating, dispersing and emulsifying ability. Purity: >98% Product name: sodium myristate Molecular formula: CH3(CH2)12COONa Properties of Sodium Myristate: Sodium myristate (CAS 822-12-8) is fine white crystal powder; soluble in hot water and hot ethyl alcohol; lightly soluble in an organic… Continue reading

High Purity Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 CAS 1344-28-1,99.5% |

Aluminum oxide is an insoluble, thermally stable source of aluminum that is suitable for applications such as glass, ceramics, optics, and other materials. Purity: 99.5% Particle size: between 2 and 10 microns Aluminum oxide powder: The formula for aluminium oxide is al2O3. Aluminium oxide molar Mass is 101.96g/mol. Al2O3 has… Continue reading

Metal Alloy High Purity Titanium Sputtering Target |

Titanium sputtering targets are widely used in coatings for flat display panels, semiconductor components and hardware tool coatings. It is also a core material for the preparation of integrated circuits. High Purity Metal Alloy Titanium Sputtering targets: Standard: ASTM B265, ASME SB265, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, AMS 4902, AMS 4911… Continue reading

High Purity Zirconium Oxide ZrO2 powder CAS 1314-23-4,99.9% |

Zirconium is mainly oxided by zirconium dioxide, which has the chemical formula ZrO2. It is typically a white, odorless, and odorless powder. It is difficult to dissolve it in water, hydrochloric, and dilute sulfuric acids. Purity: 99.5% Particle size range: 20nm – 200nm Zirconium Oxide Powder ZrO2 also called zirconia… Continue reading