High Purity Molybdenum Dithiophosphate Liquid MoDTP CAS 72030-25-2 |

MoDTP is liquid organic molybdenum friction improving, anti-wear, extreme pressure, and anti-oxidant additive for internal combustion engine oils, industrial lubricants, greases, etc. Mo %: 8.5–10 S %: >9.0 About Molybdenum Dithiophosphate liquid MoDTP: Friction and wear properties of molybdenum dithiophosphate (MODTP) additive under reciprocating sliding conditions. The additive consisting of… Continue reading

High Purity Sodium Laurate CAS 629-25-4 |

Sodium laurate powder is a white ultra-fine powder. Sodium laurate is a powder with excellent decontamination and foaming properties, as well as emulsification. Product name: Sodium Laurate Molecular Formula:CH 3(CH 2 ), 10COONa About Sodium Laurate Sodium Laurate Sodium laurate has the chemical formula CH3 (CH2)10CO2Na. It’s classified as soap… Continue reading

High Quality EBS Ethylene Bis Stearamide Emulsion |

EBS Ethylene Bis Stearamide Emulsion has a light white color. The product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and free of hazardous chemicals. It can also be used to make leather coatings, inks or paints.Particle size D50: =2mm Product name: Ethylene bis stearamide emulsion Formula: C38H76N2O2 Product Property: It is produced using… Continue reading

CAS 4485-12-5 Lithium Stearate Powder

Lithium stearate, also known as lithium cadmium hexahydrate (LiC18H35O2) is a powdery white compound.We can also provide lithium 12-hydroxystearate. Lithium Stearate Properties Lithium stearate, also known as lithium cadmium hexahydrate (LiC18H35O2) is a powdery white compound. Lithium stearate density : 1.025g /cm3. Lithium stearate melting points : 220.0-221.5. Stable in… Continue reading

Rubber Antioxidant CAS 61617-00-3 MMBZ 2-Mercaptomethylbenzimidazole Zinc

MMBZ 2-Mercaptomethylbenzimidazole Zinc belongs to 2-mercaptobenzimidazole anti-aging agent and is a secondary anti-aging agent for rubber. About MMBZ 2-Mercaptomethylbenzimidazole Zinc: MMBZ 2-Mercaptomethylbenzimidazole Zinc is white to light yellow powder, insoluble in water, soluble in acetone, ethanol, benzene, toluene and ether. It is a global trusted brand MMBZ 2-Mercaptomethylbenzimidazole Zinc …. Continue reading