High Purity Sodium Myristate CAS 822-12-8, 98% |

Sodium myristate is ultra fine white powder, it has excellent lubricating, dispersing and emulsifying ability. Purity: >98% Product name: sodium myristate Molecular formula: CH3(CH2)12COONa Properties of Sodium Myristate: Sodium myristate (CAS 822-12-8) is fine white crystal powder; soluble in hot water and hot ethyl alcohol; lightly soluble in an organic… Continue reading

High Purity Magnesium Myristate Cas 4086-70-8 |

Magnesium powder myristate has a white color. Magnesium is myristate, which is a great emulsifier and lubricant. It’s also used as a surfactant.Particle Size: 200 Mesh Product name :Magnesium pyristate Formula molecular: [CH3COO]2Mg About Magnesium Myristate ? What are magnesium myristates? A fatty acid, magnesium myristates is derived from myristic… Continue reading

High Quality Zinc Dodecyl Stearate |

It is a flaky or needle like crystal. It is not water soluble, but soluble with ethanol, chloroform, and ether. Zinc dodecylstearate can be used in the production of grease and for organic synthesis.Zinc Content: 9-10.5% Product Code: Zn dodecylstearate Formula:(C18H35O3)2Zn Molecular weight: 653.8 Zinc Dodecyl Stearate Zinc Dodecyl Stearate… Continue reading

Calcium stearate emulsion, 50% |

Calcium stearate dispersion is water-based calcium, also known by the name calcium stearate.Solid Content: 50 % Please note: We also offer food grade, pharmaceutical-grade and industrial-grade calcium stearate. Calcium Stearate Emulsion: Calcium stearate The white powder has the molecular compound C36H70CAO4 and is not soluble in water. It can be… Continue reading

High Quality Water-Based Boron Nitride Emulsion |

It is a high-temperature inorganic inert lubricant. It will not infiltrate or bond to the liquid metal and will protect the surface of ceramic or refractory materials. Water Based Boron Nitride Coating Water Based Boron Nitride Coating-Hexagonal Boron Nitride Coating. The water-based coat has excellent lubrication, release and reactivity properties…. Continue reading

High Quality Zinc P-tert-butylbenzoate CAS 4980-54-5 |

Zinc P-tertbutylbenzoate powder is white or light yellow. It is mainly used to stabilize polyvinylchloride. Zinc content: 14-16% Product Name: Zinc p-tert-butylbenzoate Formula:C22H26O4Zn CAS NO:4980-54-5 Molecular weight:419.83 About Zinc P-tert-butylbenzoate: Zinc Tert-Butylbenzoate powder is light yellow. Chemical molecular Formula: C22H26O4ZN. Please send us an inquiry if you are interested in… Continue reading

High Quality Calcium Dodecyl Stearate |

It is a chemical substance that looks like a powder or a needle. It is insoluble with water. However, it dissolves in ethanol, chloroform, and ether. It can also be used for organic synthesis.Calcium Content: 5.5-7% Product Name: Calcium dodecyl stearate Formula:(C18H35O3)2Ca Molecular weight: 648.5 Calcium dodecyl stearate ? Calcium… Continue reading

High Purity Organic Molybdenum Liquid MoDTC CAS 68412-26-0 |

MoDTC is an additive for lubricants that has excellent anti-friction, anti-wear properties. As people have become more demanding about oil quality, and as new quality standards are introduced for lubricants.Mo %: 9.5%-10.5 S % 9-12 About Organic molybdenum liquid MODTC Molybdenum Liquid MODTC contains mainly molybdenum dichlorodithiophosphate (also known as… Continue reading

High Quality Stearic Acid Amide Emulsion |

Stearic acid-amide emulsion comes in a white color. It’s non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, nonhazardous and nonpolluting. It’s used in paints, inks, leather finishes, etc.Particle size D50: =2um Stearic Acid Amide Emulsion: Stearic acid is a white, emulsion. It’s non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and does not pollute. It disperses easily in water, has a low… Continue reading