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MoDTC is an additive for lubricants that has excellent anti-friction, anti-wear properties. As people have become more demanding about oil quality, and as new quality standards are introduced for lubricants.Mo %: 9.5%-10.5
S % 9-12

About Organic molybdenum liquid MODTC
Molybdenum Liquid MODTC contains mainly molybdenum dichlorodithiophosphate (also known as molybdenum chlorodithiophosphate), molybdenum dichlorodithiophosphate (also known as molybdenum chlorodithiophosphorate), molybdenum dimolycarbamate (also called molybdenum dithiocarbamate), molybdenum amine complex, and
The MODTC friction reduction mechanism is in part a function of the smoothness of the friction pair. The chemical reactions that occur on the friction surface at the points and tip of the high-load pressure promote the decomposition organic molybdenum, and decompose MoS2 along with some phosphates sulfides, and nitrides etc. These products are dispersed into the oil solvent and adsorbed on the friction surfaces. MoS2 forms a thin film that covers the anti-wear layer to achieve antifriction.
MODTC, a soluble oil fluid, is designed to decompose the molybdenum sulfide under extreme engine pressure, forming a film of molybdenum sulfide on the cylinder surface. It can be used to reduce friction and wear, as well as to eliminate the molybdenum dissentide. Molybdenum Oil Liquid MoDTC supplier. You can send us an inquiry regarding the latest MoDTC price at any time.

Description: Organic Molybdenum MoDTC Liquid

MoDTC is constantly developing to be low in phosphorus and sulfate, and free of pollution. MoDTC dissolves uniformly in oil and is evenly dispersed. This solves the solubility problem in lubricating oil, and makes it an ideal lubricant. MoDTC works as an effective friction modifier. This organic Molybdenum has anti-oxidation properties and a special anti-corrosion capability, while still maintaining its anti-friction, anti-wear and anti-wear characteristics.

Chemical Structure of Organic Molybdenum MoDTC Liquid:

Chemical Property of Liquid MoDTC Antifriction and Oxidation Resistance Additive:

Product Name: Anti-friction & Oxidation Resistance Additive
Chemical name liquid MoDTC
Color: Breen
Density (15 g/cm3 = 15) 1.0-1.1
Viscosity (mm2/S,40) >500
Flash point (open cup) >130
Storage: Store in a cool, dark area to avoid sunlight and moisture

What is Molybdenum Liquid MoDTC ?
There are different molybdenum types and different raw materials. As an example, briefly describe the synthesis of molybdenum dialkyl thiophosphate.
1. Alcohol forms organic thiophosphoric Acid when it reacts with S or P compounds in conditions between 85 and 115.
Two, hexavalent molybdenum is reacted with organic thiophosphoric acids in acidic media, using a catalyst, at temperatures between 85-115°C.
Add the extraction agent after washing, separation, and distillation of the finished synthetic product.

Applications Molybdenum Liquid MoDTC
MODTC can be found in many lubricating oils including automatic transmission oil (AT oil), gear oil for internal combustion engines, metalworking oil and hydraulic oil.
MoDTC has a high adaptability and infectiousness. It can be used in a wide range of lubricants or greases to act on various friction pairs. MODTC is suitable for synthetic oils like polyether oils, vegetable oils and PAO. These additives can also be found in rolling fluids, grease for chassis and engine oils. MoDTC reduces friction in friction pairs that are made from different materials like alloy steel, phosphor-bronze and different diamond coatings.

Safe storage conditions for liquid MoDTC anti-friction and oxidation resistance additive

The liquid MoDTC must be kept in a place that is cool. Close the container tightly in a place that is dry and well ventilated. Moisture and air are sensitive.

Shipping & Packing of Organic Molybdenum MoDTC Liquid:
The packaging is dependent on the amount of Organic Molybdenum MoDTC liquid.
Organic Molybdenum Liquid MoDTC Packaging: Vacuum packaging, 100g,500g or 1kg/bag; 25kg/barrel.
Shipping of Organic Molybdenum Liquid MoDTC could be done by air, sea, or express as quickly as possible after payment receipt.

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