The application status and development direction of graphite in lithium batteries

graphite: an ideal anode materials Natural graphite made of carbonaceous organic material under high temperatures It comes in two colors: black and steel grey with semi-metallicluster. This crystal structure is a hexagonal crystal system. This crystal structure is hexagonal and has heat conduction, high temperature resistance and electrical conductivity. This… Continue reading

What is monocrystalline silicon?

What is Monocrystalline Silicon? According to the directions of crystals, monocrystalline and polycrystalline silica are divided. Monocrystalline Silicon means a substance made from some combination of silicon atoms. Once the molten, elemental silicon has solidified, silicon atoms can be arranged in many crystal nuclei to form a diamond lattice. These… Continue reading

Brief introduction of nickel-based alloy powder

What’s nickel-based alloy powder? In the self-fluxing series of alloy powders, nickel-based alloy powder is most commonly used. The powder is highly resistant to heat, corrosion and oxidation. Easy operation, low melting point, large solid-liquid temperature range and strong wetting capability for various substrates. The self-fluxing, wetability and spray welding… Continue reading

What knowledge can you know about antimony tin oxide?

What’s antimony tin dioxide? Antimony tin oxides They are well-established materials that have unique properties. The material has good antistatic properties and excellent infrared absorption. The films are capable of retaining transparency even in the visible spectrum due to strong absorption. What is antimony? A mixture with lead, tin or… Continue reading