High Purity Silicon Boride SiB6 Powder CAS 12008-29-6, 99% |

Silicon Hexaboride (Silicon Boride) is a glossy black-gray, powder with a relative weight of 3.0g/cm3 at a melting temp of 2200degC. Purity: >99% Particle size: between 20-40um CAS Number : 12008-29-6 EINECS No. : 234-535-8 Appearance: dark grey SiB6 Weight in Molecular Mass: 92.952 Silicon Boride SiB6 Particles: Silicon boride… Continue reading

High Purity Magnesium Diboride MgB2 Powder CAS 12007-25-9, 99% |

Magnesium diboride, MgB2, is a compound with an ionic structure and a hexagonal system of crystal structure. It is an intercalated, alternating layer of magnesium and boran. Purity>99% Particle size: 5- 10um About Magnesium Difboride MgB2 Poudre: magnesium diboride or magnesium boride MgB2 is an inorganic substance. The molecular formula… Continue reading

High Purity Manganese Diboride MnB2 Powder CAS 12228-50-1, 99% |

Manganese Diboride is also known as MnB2, with a molecular weight of 76.56. It is a powdery gray-black color with strong magnetic properties. Purity: 99% Particle Size : 5-10um The following is a list of the most recent articles about Manganese Diboride MnB2 Powder : Manganese diboride The following are… Continue reading

High Purity BAM Aluminum Magnesium Boride AlMgB14 Powder |

Aluminum Magnesium Boride has a compound formula AlMgB14 (BAM) and is excellent in terms of resistance to wear and erosion. It also exhibits good chemical inertness and heat resistance. High-purity submicron or Nano-powders can be used to avoid metal reaction. AlMgB14 is a powdered alloy composed of aluminum magnesium boride… Continue reading

High Purity Molybdenum Boride MoB2 Powder CAS 12006-99-4, 99% |

Molybdenum powder is made of a combination of molybdenum with boron. The molybdenum is boride has the chemical formula MoB2, and a molal weight of 202.69. Purity: >99% Particle size: 5- 10um Molybdenum Boride MoB2 Pulp : Molybdenum-boride consists of molybdenum (or boron) and a complex. The most important feature… Continue reading

High Purity Aluminum Diboride AlB2 Powder CAS 12041-50-8, 98% |

The structure of aluminium boride is very similar to that of the intermetallic compound. Its main structure depends on the crystallization of aluminum metal, but not on the valence relationship between aluminum and boron. Purity>98.5% Particle Size: 5-10 um About Aluminum diboride AlB2 powder: Aluminium boride chemical Formula is ALB2…. Continue reading

High Purity Vanadium Boride VB2 Powder CAS 12007-37-3, 99% |

Diboride Vanadium (VB2), with its hexagonal structure and melting point at 2980 degrees Celsius has great hardness. Purity>99% Particle Size: 325 Mesh Product name: Vanadium boride CAS number 12007-37-3 MDL number MFCD00049697 EINECS:234-509-6 PubChem:24860374 Molecular Formula: VB2 Density: 5.1 g/ml,25/4 Melting point: 2450 degC Hardness: 2800 (kg/mm2) VB2 Powder vanadium… Continue reading