Beryllium Crystal

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beryllium crystal

One of the most rare elements you may not have heard of, beryllium is used in spacecraft and nuclear reactors as well as being a key component to some of our most popular gemstones, such as emeralds. However, its compounds are highly toxic if mishandled so it’s not found in many everyday items.

This element was first named glaucinium because it tasted sweet (think glucose). It is strong and light, a great material for X-ray equipment as well as particle detectors.

It is a bivalent element that is non-magnetic and resists attack by concentrated nitric acid. It is widely used in the manufacture of telecommunications infrastructure equipment, computers and cellular phones.

In addition, it is a vital component of satellite-based telescope mirrors which help us explore our universe. Its atomic mass is only 1.85 times that of water, making it the most transparent material for X-ray equipment and particle detectors.

American Elements supplies high purity beryllium single crystals in various standard and custom dimensions and orientations for optical, electronic, thin film, and other high technology applications. These materials are produced using Czochralski, Bridgman, floating zone, and gas phase crystal growth methods employing the highest purity starting materials.

The KLa(PO3)4 crystal possesses a remarkable deep-UV absorption edge as short as 162 nm, comparable to those of KTiOPO4 and KDP34, but much shorter than those of phosphate NLO crystals such as BaP3O10Cl (180 nm), RbBa2(PO3)5 (163 nm), Ba5P6O20 (167 nm)19 and CsLa(PO3)4 (167 nm)22.

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