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Animal protein-based concrete foaming agent is made primarily from keratin proteins found in the horns or cows, sheeps, horses, and donkeys. The odor is unpleasant. Co-products are the result of a series a chemical reactions.
Description of concrete foaming agents Animal-based foaming agents Made from animal keratin, the main raw material (bovine and sheep), through a series reactions of hydrolysis, heating to dissolve it, dilution, filtering, and high temperature shrinkage.
Animal-based foaming agents It is manufactured with the most advanced technology and equipment, and all production processes are subjected to strict quality control.
Animal-protein foaming agent The liquid is dark brown and viscous, has a lower impurity count, less irritating odors, a uniform consistency, good quality, good foaming, it belongs to a brand new animal-based product. Foaming cement agent.

Parameters relating to concrete foaming agents:

Items Parameter
Calculate the amount of usage (kg/m3) 0.75-1.5
Foaming several 30
Bleeding rates(ml). 27
Appearance Brown liquid

Advantages of Concrete Foaming Agent:

Animal protein based foaming agent has the best performance of all Cement foaming agent. The foam is stable and most remains after 24 hrs. This is due to the fact that the liquid bubble film created by the keratin, is both tough and flexible. The film can return to its original form after it has been pressed.
It is therefore a good indicator that the pores of Foam Concrete, produced by this method, are mostly closed and spherical.
The foam has a small diameter and is very stable, which makes it suitable for ultra-low densities foamed concrete. It is characterized by good pouring and high strength.
It is an environmentally friendly and effective foaming agent. This foaming material is used widely in Japan, Korea and the United States.

Application: Protein-based concrete foaming agent
Lightweight concrete production

Production of wallboard, CLC blocks and insulation lightweight block

Heat and Sound Insulation Floor

Non-load bearing wall panels

Cement or gypsum boards

Fill soil to stop landslides

Underground drainage filling

Deicing of bridges, roads and underpasses

Filling in tunnels and shafts

Production of lightweight thermal insulation concrete with polystyrene particle

Pearl Rock Cream Mix

The production of lightweight floor and wall insulation in steel structure systems

A load-bearing wall for a single-story building.

Package containing concrete foaming agent:

protein based foaming agent for aircrete should not be opened and should be stored in a ventilated, cool warehouse between -5-25 degrees.

IBC Tanks are available in 25kg and 200kg per barrel.

Shelf-life of protein-based foaming agents
Summer: 6 months
Winter: 12 months

Method of shipping protein-based foaming agent
Samples will be sent via DHL and FedEx.
Bulk protein based foaming agents shipped by sea

Suppliers for concrete foaming agents:
The global leader in Low Density Cellular Concretes (LDCC), Celluar Light Concretes (CLC) as well as advanced engineered foams. Since early 2012, we’ve been providing engineered solutions for foam.

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