Foaming Agent for Lightweight Concrete

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The foaming concrete agent is an admixture which can be used to produce foamed concrete by reducing the surface tension.

Concrete foaming agents:

Cement foaming admixture also known by foaming admixture for lightweight concrete or concrete diluent is a substance that reduces the surface tension of a liquid to produce emulsion. A foaming agent can be defined as a substance that causes its aqueous liquid to generate large amounts of foam upon the introduction of mechanical force into the atmosphere. A surfactant, or surface-active substance, is what this substance is. The surface activity of the foaming agent defines its essence.

Data for concrete foaming agents:

The following are examples of Parameters
Appearance Transparent liquid
Solid content 20%
Usage (kg/m3) 0.75-1.25
Foaming multiple >=30
Bleeding rate (ml). 27
Storage Method Keep in a cool and dark place to avoid high temperatures or freezing.

Application: Concrete foaming agent

Foaming agents are mainly used to produce foam concrete, thermal insulation layer on roofs and floor heating concrete thermal layer, sound insulation foam concrete, and thermal cushion.
Foaming agents can foam concrete, lime, stone, fly ash powder, sand, and other raw material to make slats or partition boards. CLC bricks are also available.

Foam cement production process:
1. Weigh the foaming agents, then add 30 x water to dilute them to produce a foaming fluid;
2. Pour the cement, the sand, the stones and the slurry into the mixer, in order.
3. The foam maker will convert the foaming liquid to foam.
4. Mix the foam evenly in the horizontal mixer by adding it according to the predetermined quantity.
5. The foaming slurry is ready to be sent into the molding machine.

CLC foaming agent advantages:

High foaming rate

The foam is fine, stable

Low bleeding

The cement has good adhesion.

Package containing concrete foaming agents:

25 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel.

Suppliers for concrete foaming agents:

The global leader in Low Density Cellular Concretes (LDCC), Celluar Light Concretes (CLC) as well as advanced engineered foams. Since early 2012, we’ve been providing engineered solutions for foam.

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