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Cadmium telluride (CdTe) has the chemical formula CdTe with a molal weight of 240.00. It is a compound semiconductor of group II-VI importance.Particle Size: -80mesh & -100mesh
Purity: 99.99%

Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Powder:
CdTe has a chemical formula of CdTe and a molecular weight of 240.00. It can be toxic to the kidneys and liver. The melting point for cadmium telluride is 1041. It is decomposed at high temperatures and has a relative density 6.2015. It is insoluble with water and acids, but can decompose by reacting with Nitric Acid. Wet it can easily be oxidized by the air.
Cadmium telluride is a stable, crystalline compound that’s made of cadmium (Cd) and tellurium (Te). It is primarily used as a photovoltaic cadmium telluride cell’s infrared-optical window and semiconductor material. It is typically sandwiched in between cadmium and sulfur dioxide to create a p – n junction solar cell. CdTe PVs are typically n-i p structures.
Bulk CdTe has a transparency in the infrared range, from near its bandgap energies (1.5eV at about 300K, which corresponds to IR wavelengths of 830nm), to wavelengths exceeding 20um. CdTe is also fluorescent at 790nm. The fluorescence peak moves to visible ultraviolet light as CdTe crystals are reduced to nanometers.
Water is not soluble in CdTe. CdTe is a metal with a melting point of 1041degC. It vaporizes at temperatures above 1050degC. CdTe’s vapor-pressure at ambient temperature equals zero. CdTe has a higher melting point than most Cd compounds and is insoluble. If you are interested in buying Cadmium Telluride CdTe powder in bulk, please send us an inquiry.

Product Performance of Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Powder :

Cadmium telluride, a crystalline substance formed from cadmium tellurium, is a compound. It is sandwiched by calcium sulfide in order to create a p-n photovoltaic cell. It has a very low solubility with water and is etched away by many acids, such as hydrobromic acid and hydrochloric. It can be purchased as crystals or powder. You can also make it into nanocrystals

Technical Parameter Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Powder :

This is a list of items that you can purchase.

Atomic Weight

Melting Point

Boiling Point

Crystal Structure

Lattice Constant


Thermal Conductivity

6.482 a
5.85 g/cm3 0.06 W/cmK

Note: Depending on the size of the product required by users, different products are available.

What is Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Powder?
Tellurium-cadmium mixtures are melted in a stream of hydrogen, or the cadmium tellurite (or tellurite) is heated in a stream of hydrogen and reduced. Also, it can be reacted with sodium telluride or a cadmium solution acidified with acetic. When precipitated, it is brownish red and becomes almost black when dried. The cadmium can be formed by reacting cadmium vapour with hydrogen Telluride. Cadmium telluride can be synthesized using high-purity cadmium and tellurium.

Application Cadmium Telluride powder CdTe powder:
CdTe has many applications, including solar cells and thermoelectric elements. It is also used to make thermal, photosensitive, piezoelectric, and infrared crystals. It is used in many industrial additives including semiconductor devices and alloys.
CdTe can be used to create thin-film cells.
CdTe and mercury can be alloyed to produce a universal infrared detection material (HgCdTe).
CdZnTe, where CdTe has been alloyed a little with zinc, can be a solid-state X and gamma ray detector.
CdTe has been used in optical lenses and windows as an infrared-optical material. Its performance is good in a broad temperature range.
CdTe has also been used in modulators. CdTe is the compound crystal with the largest electrooptic coefficient for the linear electrooptic effect among II-VI (r41=r52=r63 = 6.8×10-12m/V).
The CdTe with chlorine doped is used to detect X-rays, gamma waves, beta particles, and alphas.
CdTe operates at room temperature. This allows a compact detector to be built for various nuclear spectroscopy applications.
CdTe is a high-performance detector due to its high atomic numbers, excellent charge collection and high spectral resolution.

Shipping & Packing of Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Powder :
The packaging depends on the Cadmium Teluride Powder quantity.
Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Powder packaging: vacuum-packaging, 100g,500g or 1kg/bag; 25kg/barrel.
Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Powder shipping: could send out by air, sea, or express as soon after payment receipt.

Cadmium Telluride Properties

Alternative Names cadium monotelluride, tellanylidenecadimium,
Telluroxocadmium CdTe Powder
CAS Number 1306-25-8
Compound Formula CdTe
Molecular Mass 240.01
Appearance Gray Black Powder
Melting Point 1090
Boiling Point 1130
Density 5.9 g/cm3
Solubility In H2O N/A
Poisson’s Ratio 0.41
Specific Heating 210 J/kg-K
Thermal Conduction 5.0 W/m-K
Thermal Expander 5.9 um/m-K
Young Modulus 45 GPa
Exact Count 243.81

Molybdenum Telluride Health & Safety Information

Sign Word Warning
Hazard Statements H302-H312-H332-H410
Hazard Codes Xn,N
Risk Codes 20/21/22-50/53
Safety Declarations 60-61
Transport Information UN 2570 6.1/PG
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