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Gallium sulfide has the chemical formula Ga2S3 and is an inorganic compound. Gallate, a compound that is readily soluble when mixed with concentrated alkali.Particle Size: -80mesh & -100mesh
Purity: 99.99%

Gallium Sulfide (Ga2S3) Powder
Gallium (III) sulfide Ga2S3 The compound is called The sulfur and gallium It is a semiconductor that has both electron and photon components. Ballium (III) sulfide slowly breaks down in moist atmosphere and releases hydrogen sulfur. This can be used to make sulfate. Gallium salts such as titrates of gallium and thiolates are formed when a strong base is added. Ga2S3 Ga4SX (4.8) was proportional to the temperature of the nonchemical measuring sulfide.
Gallium sulfide Ga2S3 The polymorphs are a, a'(single leaned), b, (hexagon), g and a. Alpha is yellow. The crystal structure is related with the four-faceted Zns, Zns, Zns. The similarity in the crystal form between the g-flared Zinc ore and the zinc mixture. Please send us an email to receive the current price for bulk purchases of Gallium Sulfide, Ga2S3 powder.

High Purity 99.99% Semiconductor Materials Ga2S3 Price Gallium Sulfide

Certificate Analysis Of Gallium Sulfide

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Gallium Sulfide Formula Ga2S3

Gallium Sulfide: white solid

Gallium Sulfide density: 3.46-3.65g/cm3

Gallium Sulfide melting point: 1090-1255

Gallium Sulfide uses: semiconductor industry, copper indium gallium sulfur thin-film solar cells

How does gallium sulfide ga2S3 powder get produced?
Ga2S3 is heated in an H2S stream at high temperature. The element was prepared by reacting with a white or high-temperature solid.
The solid-state reaction between GaCl3 (GaCl3) and Na2 can be used to prepare the product.

Applications for Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3:
The sulfide Ga2S3 belongs to a group of broadband semiconductors. It is a semiconductor that has an interesting characteristic in nonlinear optical and infrared. Ga2S3 has been passivated with various semiconductor surfaces in order to enhance its optical and electric properties. This work involves the formation of a microcrystalline halogen film on the gap substrate.
A thin clearance semiconductor plate reaction with sulfur steam was able to produce the Ga2S3 at 450 deg. C. and 600 deg. C. When the gallium-sulfide film is observed to be at the lower temperature (400 degrees C), the layer will appear darker. Use of atomic force microscopes and scanning electromicroscopy to show the topography. Their thickness can range from hundreds nanometers up to about 1-2mm.

Storage condition of Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3:
Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3 is affected by damp reunion, which will have an adverse effect on the powder’s dispersion and use. Therefore, it should be stored in a dry and cool room. Ga2S3 Powder should not be exposed to stress.

Packing & Shipping Gallium Sulfide (Ga2S3) Powder:
Gallium Sulfide powder is available in a variety of packaging options.
Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3 Poudre packing: Vacuum packaging, 100g,500g or 1kg/bag; 25kg/barrel. Or as per your request.
Gallium Sulfide Ga2S3 Pulp shipping: Could be shipped by sea, air, or by express as soon after payment receipt.

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Gallium Sulfide Properties

Alternative Names gallium(III) sulfide, gallium sulphide, gallium trisulfide,
Powder of digallium trisulphide (Ga2S3)
CAS Number 12024-22-5
Compound Formula Ga2S3
Molecular Mass 235.64
Appearance White Powder
Melting Point 1255
Boiling Point N/A
Density 3.65-3.77 g/cm3
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Mass 235.766498

Health & Safety Information

Sign Word Danger
Hazard Statements H314-H318
Hazard Codes C
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
Transport Information UN 3260 8, PG II
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