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Tantalum aluminum carburide is a ceramic material which combines metals with ceramics. Ta2AlC is a powder with excellent high-temperature mechanical properties. Purity: 99%

Particle size: 200mesh or 400mesh

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Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta2AlC Powder


Max phase ceramics

This new type of ceramic material can be processed.

Ta2AlC Powder

This kind of ceramics contains over 60 ternary carbides and nitride compound. This ceramic type contains more than 60 compounds of ternary nitride or carbide. M is the front metal of the Transition Group; A is the elements of group elements, mostly elements of the Third and Fourth groups; X stands for carbon or Nitrogen.

Tantalum aluminum carbide (Ta2AlC)

It is a new type ceramic material that combines metal and ceramic advantages.

Ta2AlC Powder

It has excellent mechanical properties when heated to high temperatures.

It is a global trusted brand

Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta2AlC Powder

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Tantalum Aluminum Carbide

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Tantalum Aluminum Carbide (Ta2AlC) Powder Product Performance:

Tantalum aluminum carbide powder Ta2AlC is characterized by high strength and modulus of elastic, as well as high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Technical Parameter of Tantalum Aluminum Carbide TA2AlC powder :

Product Name MF Purity Particle Size Molecular Weight Melting Point Color
Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta2AlC 99% 200mesh,

400.9 N/A Gray Black

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Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta2AlC Powder


1. Toner, Tantalum powder and aluminum powder are weighed, then mixed powder is ball-milled.

2. To obtain Ta2AlC powder, mix the powder with graphite, then pour it into the reactor. Fill the reactor with inert gases, ignite, perform a self-spreading chemical reaction, cool after crushing and sifting. The method offers fast reaction speeds, low energy costs, high efficiency and low production costs. Ta4AlC3 is also produced with high purity. The Ta2AlC Ceramic Powder obtained by this invention can be used for aviation, aerospace and electronic industries, as well as nuclear industry.


Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta2AlC Powder


Ta2AlC Powder is used in energy storage, analytic chemistry, mechanicals, adsorption and biology.

Tantalum Aluminum Carbide (Ta2AlC) Powder Storage Conditions

Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta2AlC should not be exposed to the air. It is best to store it in a dry and cool room. Ta2AlC should also be kept away from stress.

Packing & Shipping Tantalum Aluminium Carbide Powder Ta2AlC –

Tantalum Aluminum carbide Ta2AlC is available in many different packings, depending on the quantity of powder.

Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta2AlC Powder packing:

Vacuum packaging 100g,500g or 1kg/bag or barrel.

Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Ta2AlC Powder shipping:

After payment, you can ship your order by sea, air or express.

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Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Powder Properties

Alternative Names
Tantalum carbide/Aluminum carbide MXene,

Advanced Max/Mxene, Ta:Al-C, Ta2AlC Powder

CAS Number

Compound Formula

Molecular Mass

Gray to Black Powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

11.45 g/cm3

Solubility In H2O

Thermal Expander




Tantalum Aluminum Carbide Pulp Health & Safety Information

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Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety Declarations

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