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The chemical formula of silicon monoxide (SiO) is an inorganic substance. It appears as a powdery amorphous dark brown to linss color at room temperature.Particle Size : 2um
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Silica monoxide, also known as SiO is an inorganic substance. Its chemical formula is SiO. Silica monooxide is unstable, and it oxidizes into silicon dioxide when exposed to air. As the silicon monoxide vapours condense slowly, they disproportionate (see disproportionation) and form silicon and silica dioxide.
Silica monooxide, SiO, has a formula that is insoluble in h2o. Si-O bonds have a length of 150.7pm. At 1800, SiO is a yellowishbrown substance. Silica monooxide is unstable, oxidizing into silica and only stable above 1200 degrees C.
The silicon monoxide can be dissolved in a solution of hydrofluoric, nitric and sulfuric acids. This mixture gives off silicon tetrafluoride. Silica monooxide prevents the spread of flames, and is a good heat and electrical insulator. Silica monoxide oxidizes and forms a film of silica in the atmosphere. It is oxidized in oxygen and reacts with the water to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen gas is created in warm alkaline water solution that forms silicates and dissolves. Is a trusted, global Silicon Monoxide SiO powder as a lithium battery anode material You can also contact us by clicking here. . Please send us a message to find out more about our latest products. Prices of Silicon Monoxide At any time.

Performance of Anode Materials Silicon Monoxide SiO powder
Silicon monoxide is amorphous powder (CAS 10097-286), which is a dark-brown, lilac-colored powder at room temperatures and pressure. The silicon monoxide in the air will oxidize and become silicon dioxide.

Technical Parameter of Silicon Monoxide Powder SiO as anode material:
Product Name Particle Size
( D50 )
TAP SSA Moisture Content Discharge Specific Capacity
Silicon Monoxide 2um 0.91 g/cc 4.7 m2/g 0.1% 1650 mAH/g
How do you pronounce Silicon Monoxide SiO powder as a lithium battery anode material Produced?
1. Silica can be converted to silicon monoxide through a reaction between high-temperature silica and the elemental silicon after rapid cooling.
SiO2 + S – 2SiO
2. SiO2 content is 99.5%, and the coal asphalt is mixed. The molar mixture ratio of C/SiO2 is 2.0. The mixture is heated under vacuum, at a temperature of 1600°C. Under pressure, it is set to 1.013 KPa. The silicon monooxide powder was prepared below 0.1 mm.

Applications Lithium Battery Material Silicon Monoxide SiO powder :
It can also be used for the fine ceramic powder syntheses of silicon carbide and silicon nitride.
The preparation of optical materials and semiconductors uses silicon monoxide.
The silicon monoxide, which is evaporated in vacuum and used as a protective coating on optical instruments’ metal mirrors, is then coated with a thin film.
Silicon monoxide is also used to prepare semiconductor materials.
Use of silicon oxide coatings in optical products such as reflectors for floodlights and jewelry.
The SiO layer can act as a reflection reduction or interference layer within the near infrared region.
The SiO is well-suited to reflective coatings made with ZnS, and other materials.

Storage Conditions of Anode Materials Silicon Monoxide Powder SiO

a. Store silicon monoxide powder SiO in a ventilated and dry place, away from other pollution sources (temperature =45°C, humidity =85%).
b. The production batch number of the silicon monoxide siO powder, as well as production dates and other signs, should be easily identifiable.
Handle packaging carefully to avoid damage. Powdered silicon monoxide (SiO) that leaked from the package must not be returned.

The packaging and shipping of anode material Silicon Monoxide powder SiO :
The packing we use depends on the amount of silicon dioxide SiO powder.
Packing for silicon monoxide, SiO: You may choose to have 1kg or 5kg per bag, or 25kg per carton, as you wish.
Silica monoxide siO powder: As soon as payment is received, you can ship your order by air, sea or express.

Silicon Monoxide SiO Powder Properties

Alternative Names Silicon(II) oxide, oxidosilicon, oxosilanylidene, oxosilylene,
silicon monooxide, Silylene, oxo-, oxoniumylidynesilanide
CAS Number 10097-28-6
Compound Formula SiO
Molecular Mass 44.085
Appearance Gray to Black Powder
Melting Point 1702
Boiling Point 1880
Density 2.13 g/cm3
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Volume 43.971841

Safety Information for Silicon Monoxide SiO Poudre

Sign Word Warning
Hazard Statements H315-H319-H335
Hazard Codes Xi
Risk Codes 36/37/38
Safety Declarations 26-36
Transport Information N/A
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