Magnesium Blocks

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magnesium blocks provide an easy way to get your magnesium dose in on the go. Each block comes with a flint and striker to start fires quickly.

Boosting Mental Health

Brain function is essential to maintaining emotional wellness and stability, and the right levels of magnesium help keep your brain running at peak efficiency. It also plays a role in calming the nervous system and keeping stress hormones like cortisol from getting out of control.

Bone Health

The body uses magnesium to support a number of important functions, including bone mineral metabolism, collagen formation, and the energy-production process. In addition, it helps convert food into cellular energy, known as ATP.

Preterm Birth Prevention

Magnesium has shown promising results in a number of trials for decreasing the risk of cerebral palsy, perinatal death and other neurologic outcomes in infants born prematurely, although more research is needed to understand its benefits better (108). In a meta-analysis of five randomized controlled trials, intravenous magnesium therapy in pregnant women at high-risk of preterm delivery decreased the incidence of preterm birth by 32% without any adverse effects on maternal health or long-term fetal complications.


Lower-than-normal magnesium levels can contribute to osteoporosis, which is a condition that causes bones to become weak and fragile. Several studies have found that women with osteoporosis have significantly lower magnesium levels in their bones than healthy people.

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