Metal Alloy High Temperature Resistance Molybdenum Boat Sandblasting Surface With Laser |

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The molybdenum boats are widely used in high-temperature furnaces. As a material, the molybdenum boats have a high level of purity and withstand corrosive conditions.

About High Temperature Resistant Molybdenum Boat Surface Sandblasting With Laser:
It has a high degree of purity and a long service life. It is widely applied in high temperature furnace.

Production process
Molybdenum powder — isostatic press — high temperature sintering— rolling ingots to desired thickness— cutting sheet molybdenum to desired shape— bending —- Riveting— welding— surface treatment like alkaline wash or sandblasting surface

Payment & Transport:

Metal Alloy Molybdenum Boat Sandblasting Surface with Laser Properties

Alternative Names Molybdenum Boat
CAS Number N/A
Compound Formula N/A
Molecular Mass N/A
Appearance Boat
Melting Point N/A
Solubility N/A
Density N/A
Purity N/A
Bold point N/A
Specific Heating N/A
Thermal Conduction N/A
Thermal Expander N/A
Young’s Module N/A
Exact Measure N/A
Monoisotopic Mash N/A

Metal Alloy Molybdenum Boat Surface Sandblasting with Laser Health & Safety Info

Safety Advisory N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Flashing point N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
RTECS Number N/A
Transport Information N/A
WGK Germany N/A
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