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The two main types of molybdenum boat are round and ellipse. The round one is usually used for applications that require even heat distribution across the surface of the molybdenum pellet. Also popular is the ellipse-shaped boat for its exceptional heat.
Molybdenum boat Mo Boat Molybdenum Has excellent properties such as high melting temperature, high creep resistance and low thermal expansion. The properties of this metal can be significantly improved by adding other metals into the form. Alloys molybdenum . TLWM provides pure or The molybdenum alloy .

There are two main types of sand. Molybdenum boat Round and ellipse. In general, round pellets are used for applications that require even heat distribution across the surface of the product. This boat’s outstanding electrical and heat conductivity is another reason why it’s so popular. This property allows the metals to transfer energy effectively to the pellets.

It is important to note that the word “you” means “you”. The global market for molybdenum-based boats Segmentation by region. North America is further segmented by U.S.A. Canada and Mexico. Europe, meanwhile, is further subdivided by France, Germany Italy Spain and the Rest of Europe. In Asia Pacific the market is divided into South East Asia and Middle East & Africa.

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Molybdenum Boats: Classification
1. Flat groove Molybdenum Boat: Suitable for High Wetting Materials

2. V-groove molybdenum boats: Suitable for materials with low wetability.

3. Molybdenum Boat with Oval Grooves: Suitable for Materials in the Molten State

4. The boat is made of molybdenum and has a spherical groove. It can be used to transport precious metals such as gold or silver.

5. Narrow Slot Molybdenum Boat: This design will prevent the evaporation sizing from sticking to your filament clip.

6. Aluminium boat for evaporation: A thin layer of aluminum oxide is applied to the body of the boat in order to make it resistant to the molten metal and provide strong corrosion resistance.

Technical Parameter Molybdenum Molybdenum boat:
Product Code Shortname Melting Point Boiling Point Latent heat fusion Thermal Conduction
Molybdenum Boat Mo Boat 2610 5560 270 kJ/kg
142 W/m
The temperature is 20deg

Molybdenum Boat Mo Boat: Molybdenum boat They can be molded to suit your needs. Depending on the application, they can be used in vacuum thermal air evaporation parts, rare earths, or high-temperature oven parts. Molybdenum boat These materials are used in a variety of applications, including high-temperature furnace components, vacuum thermal air evaporation and capacitors.

To produce a The molybdenum boat Prepare the Alloy plate molybdenum The mould. Molybdenum alloy sheets The plates are as thin as 1,5mm thick, and can have a temperature range of 400-1200 degrees Celsius. Then you can rivet or weld the plates together to create your desired shape. The molybdenum boat .

Packing & Shipping of Molybdenum Boat Mo Boat
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Molybdenum Mo Boat shipping: As soon as payment is received, you can ship your order by air or sea.

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