Catalyst Iron Carbide with Broad Application Prospects

Iron Carbide Features The next generation of anode materials for lithium-ion batteries is iron carbide. This type of transitional metal carbide has high conductivity, excellent electrochemical stability, and great rate performance. Additionally, iron carbide has high thermal stability and hardness which allow lithium-ion batteries for extreme use in harsh environments…. Continue reading

The Magic Antimony Telluride

Holographic Imaging Technology – Application of Antimony Telluride Researchers had explored previously how to reduce holographic imaging so that it is compatible with private devices. The traditional computer-generated Holograms are too large for most electronic devices. The size limit is being overcome by ultra-thin new holograms. On silicon wafers, the… Continue reading

Nonmetallic Boron Phosphide is Used for High Selective Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Methanol

Boron Phosphide: What’s it all about? Boron phosphide, also known as BP (boron phosphide), is an inorganic compound that is made up of boron phosphorus. It’s a form of semiconductor material. Henri Morvasan (1891) synthesized the material. The sphalerite crystal structure is what it is made of. Boronphosphide will not… Continue reading