Ultra-fine grinding of silica can be achieved by silica wet grinder silica garden

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Silica is an inorganic substance and one of one of the most crucial compounds of silicon. It exists in nature in crystalline types (such as quartz, cristobalite, chalcedony, agate, opal, etc) and non-crystalline particulate, uneven or bumpy types. Silica is insoluble in water and does not respond with water, yet it can respond with alkali to create silicate and water. On top of that, silica also has a high melting point, solidity, and chemical security, that makes it commonly used in many areas.

In commercial production, silica is mainly used to make glass, water glass, pottery, enamel, refractory products, airgel felt, ferrosilicon molding sand, important silicon, cement, and so on. Furthermore, people also use silica to make the shaft surface and carcass of porcelain.

Ultra-fine grinding of silica can be achieved by silica wet grinder silica garden插图

(Fused Silica Powder Fused Quartz Powder Fused SiO2 Powder)

Ultrafine grinding of silica can be accomplished in a selection of methods, including dry ball milling making use of a global ball mill or wet vertical milling. Global round mills can be furnished with agate ball mills and grinding rounds. The completely dry round mill can grind the mean bit size D50 of silica material to 3.786 um. Additionally, wet vertical grinding is one of one of the most effective grinding methods. Considering that silica does not respond with water, damp grinding can be carried out by including ultrapure water. The damp vertical mill devices “Cell Mill” is a new sort of mill that integrates gravity and fluidization innovation. The ultra-fine grinding technology made up of gravity and fluidization completely mixes the materials with the rotation of the mixing shaft. It collides and calls with the tool, leading to shearing and extrusion to ensure that the product can be successfully ground. The average particle size D50 of the ground silica material can get to 1.422 um, and some particles can reach the micro-nano level.

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