Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate

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Sodium tungstate dihydrate is used in the production of metal tungsten, tungstate and tungstate oxide. It is also used as mordant, pigment and catalyst. It is also a fabric fire retardant and analytical chemical reagent.

ACS Grade Reagent

ACS (American Chemical Society) grade products meet the highest standards for purity and quality. ACS reagents are typically the most widely recognized and accepted high-purity chemicals available for laboratory use.

Uses for Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate

Inorganic salts are useful reagents in organic chemistry because they can be dissolved in water to prepare solutions that contain alkenes or alcohols. They are also used in the preparation of aqueous sols of tungsten oxide dihydrate for fireproofing and waterproofing fabrics, and preparing complex compounds such as phosphotungstate and silicotungstate.

Tungstate is a trace element that was first detected in feces, but it is now known to be present in waste sewage sludge (WSS). As WSS is a large source of carbon dioxide, the usage of tungsten is a promising strategy to convert it into bioenergy with low cost.

Research shows that tungstate enhances methane production from WSS during anaerobic digestion and reduces acetic acid consumption at the acidogenesis stage. However, the exact mechanism remains unclear.

During anaerobic digestion of WSS, sodium tungstate is metabolized to tungsten tetraoxide and tetrahydrotungsten hexoxide. The tungsten tetraoxide oxidation process requires high temperatures and high concentrations of sodium tungstate, which increases the pH of WSS during anaerobic digestion.

Several approaches have been investigated to improve the anaerobic digestion of WSS by increasing methane production. Some approaches have been based on the augmentation of microbial activity by antibiotics or quorum sensing inhibitors. Others have been based on an inorganic compound to alter the methane production.

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