The Applications of Magnesium Nitride Powder

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Magnesium Nitride Pulver Overview
Magnesium-nitride The chemical formula Mg3N2 refers to an inorganic compound made up of magnesium, nitrogen and other elements. It turns a yellowish green color at room temperatures and under pressure. Magnesium-nitride, an inorganic compound composed primarily of nitrogen and magnesia and having a molecular form of Mg3N2 has a mass of 100.9494. It belongs to the cubic-crystalline system. Magnesium nitride is similar to other metal nitrides. It reacts with ammonia and water. You can burn the magnesium ribbon in nitrogen to prepare magnesium nitride. A catalyst is sometimes used.
Magnesium Nitride Mg3N2 powder CAS 12057 71-5
What applications can Magnesium Nitride Pulver be used for?
The nano-magnesium dioxide has an obvious surface and quantum size effects, as well the macro tunnel and small size effects. It also has significant application potential and wide prospects. It’s an important material of the 21st century. Nano-magnesium oxide is widely used in electronics,catalysis,ceramics, petroleum products,coatings and other fields. Different products use them in different ways. They are used as flame retardants in the chemical fiber and plastic industries;high-temperature dehydrating agents for the production of silicon steel plates,advanced ceramic materials,electronic industry materials,and adhesives and additives in chemical raw materials; high-frequency magnetic rod antennas in the radio industry, Fillers for magnetic equipment, fillers for insulating materials and various carriers; refractory fibers and refractory materials, magnesia chrome bricks,fillers for heat-resistant coatings, high-temperature insulation meters, electrical, cables, optical materials and steelmaking; electrical insulation materials, Manufacturing crucibles, furnaces, insulated pipes(tubular elements), electrode rods, electrode plates.
With the growing demand for high performance flame-retardant fibres in the textile sector, synthetic flame retardants are ideal for creating functional fabrics. For refractory materials like light weight, sound insulation and heat insulation, nano-magnesium is commonly combined with wood chips or shavings. It is less toxic than traditional organic flame retardants that contain phosphorus and halogen. Nano-magnesium oxide is also good for coatings because it has excellent cleaning and corrosion inhibitor capabilities.
Because of its outstanding electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties magnesium oxide is widely utilized in the area of semiconductor electronic packaging.
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