The Most Common Method of Producing Zirconia (ZrO2) Powder

What’s zirconia?

Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) is zirconium’s main oxide. Normal conditions make it a clear, tasteless, non-odorous crystal that is easily soluble in water and hydrochloric acids. It is inactive because of its chemical properties. The material has high melting points, high resistivity and low thermal extension coefficient.

Plasma technique

A gas can be significantly ionized if heated to 3000C. Plasma is almost totally ionized by heating to 5500C. The plasma is highly dissociated, high-temperature conductivity gas. Although plasma can’t be made by heating, it is usually obtained through arc discharge. Arc plasma spray guns are the most basic plasma-generating devices. A direct current voltage is applied between two special electrodes. At the same time, an inert gas (nitrogen/argon/helium, or their combination) is passed between the electrodes. Next, a DC arc can be ignited using high-frequency current (or short-circuit) between two electrodes. As the gas passes through the arc, it absorbs heat to create a high-temperature flame. It generates temperatures up to 80001500 as well high airflow velocity. ZrO2 is formed immediately from the fine zircon powder that was sent to the flame.
So that ZrO2 can be prepared and purified, SiO2 has to be evaporated.

High-purity ZrO2 is produced using the plasma method. It has special properties. Plasma ZrO2 has spherical particles and the mZrO2 Crystals are extremely fine. The activity of ZrO2 crystals that have been formed at high temperatures has been demonstrated in practice. This is important to the production of ceramic materials with high performance. Also, the plasma procedure has undergone continuous improvement.
Produced high-purity ZrO2 contains 99.6% of ZrO2. The maximum ZrO2 level is also 99.6%. Particle sizes can be adjusted to meet specific needs. White high-purity ZrO2 when it has low ZrO2 levels is yellowish to yellowish brown. Stable zirconia however is typically pale yellow. The high-purity ZrO2 as well as the ZrO2 of the desiliconized zirconium are found in the monoclinic Phase. ZrO2 within the fully stable zirconia is all in cubic phase. ZrO2 inside the partially stable ZrO2 exists mainly in cubic Phase.
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