Tin Coil and Other Metal Coils

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Coils are coiled wire structures of varying lengths and thicknesses that can be wrapped or rolled to store and transport. They are also commonly used to make fabricated metal products, such as rails and frames.

Steel, Copper, Bronze and Aluminum coil stock are available in a wide variety of gauges, surface finishes and widths. They often come with a hollow tube insert at their core, which makes it easier to dispense them by stamping machines.

tin coil is a specialized form of sheet steel that has a thin coating of tin on one or both sides. It is used in food and beverage packaging, aerosol cans and paint drums, among other industries.

The coating process protects the tin from discoloration and corrosion, especially in environments where tin can be exposed to strong acids and alkalis. BONDERITE(r) offers innovative solutions to increase tin protection through both electrolytic tinning and electrolytic chroming processes.

Metal coils are a staple of industrial production, helping to ensure a quality product. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, widths, gauges and surface finishes to meet the needs of customers across many industries.

They can be fabricated into custom forms, including shaped, formed, welded, cut and polished to the exact specifications of each customer. They are also available in a range of alloys and grades for different applications.

The tin coil process can be further enriched by adding a plating treatment, which can include a methane-sulphonic acid solution that deposits a uniform and specified amount of tin on either side of the strip. This reduces dendritic growth, dust and gray edges while enhancing the surface for litho application.

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