Copper Silver

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copper silver is the combination of copper with silver to produce a metal used in many types of objects, including a mirror. Silver is also used to plate a thin layer on objects such as clock dials, compass scales and hardware for coffins. copper silver is widely used in industrial applications because of its malleability and workability. Copper (Cu) is an element that is combined with other elements to improve its physical properties, chemical reactivity and group trends. It is found in sulfide, oxide and carbonate ores such as copper pyrite (chalcopyrite), silver glance (chloroclastonite) and cuprite.

The process of silvering is a traditional technique that is often used to repair or enhance the appearance of copper and other copper-based alloys such as brass. Silver plating can also provide a protective coating from corrosion, especially in harsh environments. In addition, the presence of silver ions can help control the growth of pathogens such as Legionella (Legionnaires’ disease).

Prior to applying a silvering paste, it is important that any copper oxide film is removed from the surface to be plated. A suitable abrasive to use for this is precipitated calcium carbonate or 1 mm aluminum oxide. A slurry of this powder and water can be used to prepare copper coupons, which are then silvered using the steps described in CCI Note 9/11 How to Make and Use a Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Silver Polish. It is recommended that a slurry of potassium hydrogen tartrate be rubbed over the silvered coupon afterward to remove any darkening of the copper surface that may occur.

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