Magnesium Nitrate Soluble

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A hygroscopic magnesium salt with the formula Mg(NO3)2, magnesium nitrate is very soluble in water and ethanol. It also occurs naturally as the mineral magnesian (magnesium dinitrate) in caverns and mines. Magnesium nitrate is used as an agricultural fertilizer.

Its soluble form allows it to be injected into irrigation systems, unlike magnesium sulfate which must be mixed with water. It has a high affinity for water and is quickly absorbed by plants, providing magnesium and nitrogen in one solution. It is particularly effective in eliminating magnesium deficiency in plants that show signs of stress and lack of chlorophyll production, such as during a drought.

This compound is toxic if ingested or inhaled. It can cause respiratory irritation, especially in the lungs. Abdominal pain, blue lips and fingernails, and confusion are other symptoms of ingestion. If it comes in contact with the skin, it may cause redness and irritation. On heating, it decomposes into magnesium oxide and nitrogen oxides.

American Elements offers an extensive range of dissolved magnesium nitrate solutions from moderate to highly concentrated concentrations. We can provide a solution that is the exact stoichiometric concentration required for your application and we offer these solutions in both standard and custom packaging. We also offer other forms of solubilized magnesium, such as elemental powders and nanoscale elemental compositions. These are useful for applications in petrochemical cracking and automotive catalysts, plating, textile and research applications. We maintain solution production facilities in the United States, Northern Europe (Liverpool, UK), China and Australia to provide lower shipping costs and faster delivery times to our customers worldwide.

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