The difference between hexagonal boron nitride and cubic boron nitride

Difference between hexagonal and cubic boron nutride Boron Nitride is a crystal made of nitrogen and boron. With four variants of the chemical composition: cubic boron nutride (CBN), hexagonal boron (HBN), rhombohedral (RBN) and cubic boron (CBN), 43.6% and 56.4% respectively, and wurtzite boron Boron (WBN). It is also known… Continue reading

"Water reduction" mechanism of polycarboxylic ether based superplasticizers

Today’s concrete superplasticizers These are prepared basically by making various compounds such as polycarboxylate water–reducing mother liquor and/or polycarboxylate shrink-preserving mother liquor. It is the most important role for water-reducing mothers in superplasticizer. Although it is possible that the quantity of the mother solution may change with the changes in… Continue reading

The Difference Between Hexagonal Boron Nitride and Cubic Noron Nitride

There is a difference between Cubic Noron Nitride (hexagonal Boron Nitride) and Cubic Noron Nitride (cubic noron). Boron nitride It is composed of both nitrogen and boron elements. There are four types of the chemical composition: cubic boron nutride (CBN), hexagonal (HBN), cubic (CBN) and rhombohedral (RBN). The most common… Continue reading