Application and Market Analysis of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

Silicon Nitride Powder Property Silicon nitride (Si3N4) A covalent bonding compound made of silicon and nitrate. It was developed in 1857, and it became a mass-produced ceramic material in 1955. Silicon nitride clays offer many benefits that other materials, including metals and polymers, like high resistance to heat (bending strength… Continue reading

Silicon nitride and silicon nitride ceramics

Silicon nitride Ceramics and Silicon Nitride ceramics Silicon nitride An inorganic substance that is chemically named Si3N4. It’s an important structural ceramic material that has high hardness, intrinsic lubricity and wear resistance. It’s an atomic crystal and is very resistant to oxygenation. Additionally, it is resistant to heat and cold…. Continue reading

What are Silicon Nitride Properties?

It is a key engineering ceramic. High temperatures give silicon nitride excellent mechanical properties. These include low density, high elastic modulus and fracture toughness. They also resist solid particle erosion. This material has exceptional thermal properties. It can resist thermal shock (rapidly changing temperatures). The chemical properties of silicon nitride… Continue reading