The Applications of Aluminum Nitride Powder

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An overview of Aluminum Nitride Powder AlN can easily be stabilized to 2200degC. It has a high intensity at room temperatures and a slow decrease with increasing temperature. It is a thermal shock material because of its high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and excellent thermal conductivity. Because it is strong at resisting the corrosion of metal molten, it makes a great crucible for melting aluminum, pure iron and any aluminum alloy. Aluminium nitride can also be used as an electric insulator, with excellent dielectric properties. It’s also very promising for use in an electrical component.
Aluminium Nitride AlN Powder CAS 24304-00-5
What are the uses of Aluminum Nitride Powder
1. Aluminium nitride is a powder with high purity and low particle sizes. It also has high activity. It’s the principal raw material used to manufacture high-temperature aluminum Nitride ceramic substrate.
2. High thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, low expansion coefficient and high strength. It makes a good substrate and package material for large-scale, integrated circuits.
3. Aluminum nitride’s hardness is much higher than the traditional alumina. Although it is a novel type of ceramic material with wear resistance, its cost makes it unsuitable for use on very worn parts.
4. It can be made using the thermal resistance, melt erosion resistance or thermal shock resistance of AlN ceramics. GaAs crystal crubles, Al-evaporation plates and magnetic fluid power generation device parts, such as Al magnets and Al-temperature turbo corrosion-resistant parts, can all be produced. The optical properties can then be used to create an Infrared window. The aluminum nitride-film can be transformed into ultra-large-scale integrated Circuit substrates or high-frequency piezoelectric elements.
5. An aluminum nitride type is resistant to heat, molten metallic corrosion, and stable to acids. It can also be easily corroded with alkaline solution. When exposed to moist atmosphere, the new surface will form a thin oxide layer. It can also be used as an oven and mold material to melt copper, silver and lead. AIN ceramics can be used to replace the toxic beryllium-oxide ceramics in electronic manufacturing. They have excellent metallization capabilities.
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