What Are the Applications of Pure Nickel Powder?

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pure nickel powder has a variety of applications, including battery electrodes, electrical appliances, hard alloys as well as catalysts. The powders have excellent reactivity as well as high surface area.

It can also be a good coating material for nickel plating. Moreover, it can be used in the production of electrolytic nickel alloys.

Chemical Reactions:

The chemical reaction between nickel & other elements can produce a number of different compounds, for example, Raney Nickel & other nickel oxides. In most cases these compounds have no harmful effect on the environment & human health.

Nickel is the fifth most common element on earth but it can be toxic if ingested. It can be found in trace amounts in our food, water & air.

It is an important component in the manufacturing of nickel-cadmium batteries, in hard alloys and other metallurgical applications. It is widely used in cemented carbide tools & diamond tooling’s.

Physical Properties:

The nickel powders have a variety of physical properties, including thermal resistance, magneticity, hardness & strength. They are available in different grades, based on their specific applications.


The metal powders have a varying morphology, depending on the manufacturing process used. They can have a spherical or a mottled appearance.


The powders can be divided into a variety of sizes, depending on the production methods and the desired size distribution. They can be sifted, micro-pulverized, or dispersed in liquid.

Currently, nickel wastes from the plating industry have been leached in sulfuric acid for a period of time and hydrogen peroxide has been added to the dis- solution. The results from the research show that the amount of hydrogen peroxide and the length of time have a significant impact on the production of powder particles with porous and irregular shapes.

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